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50 minutes ago, Klayton_Bouck said:

The lvl 1 energy module is l-m along with half burnt scope and hybrid heat cannon 


@WinzKay do our flexes have to be related to the game or just any flex

 btw I flex learning guitar 


It's in the game subforum, so I'm fairly certain that it has to be related to SuperMechs


I flex maxing my Falcon and Cockpit Piercerimage.png.935836c7fd1444ad8982054d69fc67ab.png

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Important links:
Base disable (only one per person, not one per account): Create New Request - SuperMechs Community
Junior mod applications: Create New Application - SuperMechs Community
Item artist applications: Create New Record - SuperMechs Community 


Why are you looking at this? Go check out the next post.


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