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  1. I honestly don't care for your dispute, but I'm pretty sure that most of us here would love for Alexander to finally show the drop rates once and for all. So yes I agree with WindWeaver.
  2. Alex said in the discord server that the next update is planned to be released ideally before the next 3v3 season, so in about a week or so.
  3. Like what he said above, unless they make it ridiculously powerful by doing like 100+ regen dmg, it won't work. Might as well not have a energy vandal rage since it's pointless because of this. Also, not everything needs a different element counterpart.
  4. This is the planned build. This is the real stats, because I don't have divined mods, all I'm doing is replacing claw for massive stone feet and adding ultrahot protector, thoughts? And no, I don't need to use massive shocker feet because I'm not going to stomp, I'm only using massive stone feet because of the health.
  5. We now have 1 spot open currently. Looking for rank 10 or higher. We do wars and titans most of the time now, you are encouraged to do the same, but it's not a requirement. The requirement is still only 10 wins every season.
  6. Don't really have a use for this now, but still pretty good.
  7. Your build is worse than mine, and I have the nonbackfire res drainer, which is better than the non premium backfire res drainer. Tonto doesn't work because it lacks range. You don't know how my build works, and also, I'm a rank 2 player, I know what to build. Also I obviously know to max out everything first before testing this build. Also, if I had superb charge, I would use it, don't you think?
  8. Yes, but it won't be that as effective. And at level 20, you unlock the chance to produce legy card for 300k gold. You don't need to upgrade to level 20 yet as it is very expensive and time consuming. What you should focus right now beside farming od6 is to just produce power kits and upgrade your current mechs, at least so that the torsos, legs, weapons and drones so that they are fully max mythical and have max legendary modules.
  9. Yes, but your build loses to regular physical mechs as well as energy mechs.
  10. Common cooling destroyer, I might build this in the future to test in 1v1 battles.
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