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  1. Because they're infinite uses? Kinda a perk unless you want them to have 3 uses? Because most players won't lack weight, so they would use the above weapons that I said. Cpc can actually be useful if you don't have abomination or shadow wolf for a dual deso. Again, they're niche, but that doesn't mean they're bad.
  2. You're comparing weapons with different ranges, and they're meant to be used differently. They are decent weapons, a lighter alternative to last words/terror cry/abomination. They don't need any change at all. The backfire is low and damage is decent.
  3. If you don't know when to cool down or have decent heat stats that's your fault, and you don't even need premium modules. Heat bomb is a pretty balanced weapon. It's mostly used to steal turns or primarily as a boiler weapon. The cost is also a lot, and it does very low damage.
  4. Why do we need a non premium version of spartan carnage? That would make spartan useless since it's premium but the same thing. Brute can stay as it is, a higher burst damage weapon than spartan carnage, that makes it unique. Although brute might need a little damage nerf.
  5. Frantics always have 2 uses. The costs are already pretty low. And we don't need it to be energy free, since we don't want energy free physicals to be any better than they already are. And making it push 2 will be useless, and it doesn't need it anyway. Malfunctioning blaster is used in a completely different way, more of a energy free spartan than anything. Where this weapon is more of a extra weapon because of its low weight and high damage.
  6. Sacrifice cannon is already very good, if not underrated. It is the physical version of a bunker shell/magma blast. It is highly used in some energy free physical builds and also great as a extra weapon because of its low weight, high damage but only one use. It doesn't need a buff at all.
  7. Good luck taking advantage of that with how bad energy is in the meta. There's basically only one specific build that can kind of counter that, but even then it's not guaranteed.
  8. I agree that swoop was overbuffed, but I don't think they'll nerf it so that it becomes balanced anyway. Too many people will cry about it. 110+ heat generation for little heat cost and lightweight is a lot more powerful than you think.
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