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# What's up Pilots!

With a new Forum, comes a new Flex Thread 👏

I call this one Flex Thread: The Revival. 

I hope this new series continues to be as popular as the same beloved Flex Thread in the old forum 😄

The new layout will take a while to get used to and I"m not sure it's suitable for a flex thread but here we go again :)))))))

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Just now, rc said:

Oof! There’s already another flex thread, 78 replies later...

yeah but it's kinda winz's thing so evrybody's gonna pay attention to this one and the other one will die

same thing happened after flex 2 died, people made new ones and then a day later winz made flex 3 and all the other ones died

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1 minute ago, BossParody said:

Longest clan vc is still going. It’s now been a total of 52 hours with at least one person in the vc and we haven’t had a single moment without music playing in that entire time. Gg @WindForge for being in the stream the entire time, even while asleep!!


oh my goodnees check your dms man 

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alr I guess this is the real one.

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Important links:
Base disable (only one per person, not one per account): Create New Request - SuperMechs Community
Junior mod applications: Create New Application - SuperMechs Community
Item artist applications: Create New Record - SuperMechs Community 


Why are you looking at this? Go check out the next post.


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Old forum you say?

Most viewed profile after Sarah (as far as I know)



My favorite badges.(Yes, almost 300 nice replies, top 1 again?)


I have posted links with +1000 clicks, didn't seem to give me any badge though.





I'm also the most liked by Sarah. 😛 

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