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  1. Every one to busy making art work no one in they Arena …
  2. So Cool wish they would post winner in the news section or Facebook? Thanks
  3. So Cool wish they would post winner in news section or Facebook? Thanks
  4. His favourite spot by the window and yes oki does it look like your trash can
  5. kind a strange so many people showed up as guest! there all Oki futur freinds
  6. 1944 was in Top Gun clan
  7. Hi guys your all invited to register to all 155 of you…thank you Guest LETS GO ! !
  8. I told you at the time you don’t remember You also said to me that you wasn’t playing any more no time to busy at work ….. So I gave up trying
  9. Thank Oky for sharing cool Shabba is still playing S M 5000.wins + mega Was challenging Chaos Sabre for most wins that a great souvenir thank you Oki
  10. My Top Gun did at one time achieve top 5 Clan Candela member at time with me Ayron ,Pink , Jevil, Antoine Kittymon , and many others Also Candela clan fantastic group with Oki Doki 155 wins Please have a look at the number of wins of each members
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