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  2. Seems to be back up again - I can only assume this is some sort of server maintenance issue.
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  4. Reminds me of the Magnum from war robots, sick
  5. Spiker from Halo 3 but with extra steps, not gonna lie. But it's a cool design, nonetheless.
  6. Since fanart is for SM fanart, I've moved this to off-topic discussions.
  7. Yup, up for a battle or two then crashes again.
  8. I'm getting the "connecting to server" screen and no more - this is on both the mobile app and the desktop app. Presumably it will be fixed in a while? Anyone else having the problem?
  9. True. My bad. I forgot about the low hp. I ran into the same problem when I was new so I switched to Tonto.
  10. Yeah, but you might only get in tomorrow.
  11. I'm proud of this one because it's one of my first in a month(I think), it took barely any time, and seemed decent,
  12. hmm, not a good choice. using backfire drones with low hp is suicidal. I recommend using void until you get to about 2000 hp. then, selfish protector will be a considerable option
  13. Use the Selfish Protector drone instead of Void.
  14. Well, the title makes it very clear, it just respects the rules. 1._ You have to respect the laws and foundations of the forum. 2._ It is not so mandatory that it is from SM. 3._ Preferably it has to be art made by you, it does not matter if it is done by computer or notebook. 4._ Keep in mind that you only post to entertain and not to compete. 5._ If you are a novice artist, do not be afraid, you can ask the most experienced for advice. 6._ If you want someone to make a drawing for you, you can do it, but the artist is not obliged to do it "not everyone has the luxury of drawing for other people". Context. In the Old Forum someone has made a thread dedicated to art, when I remembered the forum I decided to revive it, so comment what you want, or support your favorite artists. I start with mine. 1._ Months ago I decided to see an Anime and I liked it, I decided to dedicate a drawing and that's how it came out. 2._ In the second, a friend was not feeling well and to make her feel better I made her a drawing mixing two things she likes, "her favorite female character and a TerrorBlade". 3._ I wanted to dedicate a drawing for the community of another game, but the previous ones that I dedicated to them ended up being crushed by other better ones, so in this best one I preferred to keep it, I doubt that it will prosper, but I leave it for the curious. I have more drawings but I am lazy to look for them, but if I find some, or do recent ones because I publish them here, remember that if you want to show a drawing do it here or wherever you want, Bye!
  15. This time I revived this thread becque now there are more people active on the forum and because I want people to ask me random questions. Oh, and because I'm currently a mentor, I will take an apprentice just for fun ;).
  16. Yeah, I did that, and the result... well you can go look...
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