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  2. Got nothing better to do so thought I'd give some pointers. Overall not a bad design, but it's rather inconsistent even when built and played optimally. There's many different variants to try, but this one below is one of the better ones. A few points I'd like to make if you're going to try these, firstly to use Rock Recoiler over Dark Eagle. Recoiler just works much better against heat huggers and can provide some decent damage at range 1. Secondly if you're going to use a second utility, I'd recommend grapple over superb charge. Mainly because you'll find your back against the wall often with this mech architype, and being able to grapple from said position is a great next turn threat to either repulser + scope if the opponent jumps back or teleport + scope if the opponent doesn't move. Just want to reiterate that this design isn't the end all be all for phys scopes, it's just a decent one. You don't necessary need double teleport or energy fortress, but in some situations they help. Single teleport is obviously a must, however.
  3. Yess. And they also need to add an event where its "100% arena tokens" so you can get twice the amount for that day.
  4. Its not. There is 19/24 players according to arena chat.
  5. Petition to add 1 token to arena rewards. Hey hey hey 1 token per fight might not seem much but if you do all 5 arena fights that’s 5 tokens! 7x5 = 35 extra tokens every week!!!
  6. Yesss!!! That’s exactly the build I have in mind and was trying to copy that with my current items
  7. the clan you searched is full
  8. Im trying to search a specific clan and I have entered the name correctly but the clan I wanted didn't show up. Other similar named clan is there but the one I typed in. Can anyone help me with this?
  9. r10 boxes has more chance to get good stuff than r12 box i'm always get relics and trash when open r12 box
  10. When you have enough item, you can use this one Monkey has high hp but no res, the physical monkey has lower hp Than other
  11. I had two physical monkeys but I used one and didn't really want the other physical one so made it myth food
  12. weight is too much and the same to energy dmg, cost and res drain
  13. Yesterday
  14. Exactly, so no nerfs needed. Most people complain about a lvl 50 myth corrupt light when they have legy lvl 1-40 mods. People just upgrade weapons before mods generally
  15. I don't know what to think about this. It feels like a combination of bunker shell and valiant sniper, taking the best aspects from each, then adding weight, heat/energy cost and backfire. Given that the stats you proposed are for level one, I feel like it would be kinda op for draining opponents as a maxed out mythical, but maybe the weight and all of the costs to use it would be enough to compensate.
  16. And I played for a very long time, but because of my small age I did not have an account here and was always irretrievably lost. I don't really regret it, but if I knew the principle, then I would have been much cooler for a long time. What can I say about fenrir, how now how then he is not a necessary piece of metal scrap.
  17. an energy side weapon,E-M tier epic lvl 1 stats: 109 weight 45-64 electric dmg 73 energy dmg 12 max energy dmg 3 regeneration dmg 20 resist drain 25 heat cost 45 energy cost 64 backfire legendary lvl 1 stats: 109 weight 67-108 electric dmg 119 energy dmg 28 max energy dmg 7 regeneration dmg 30 resist drain 43 heat cost 85 energy cost 112 backfire mythical lvl 1 stats: 109 weight 123-180 electric dmg 168 energy dmg 50 max energy dmg 15 regeneration dmg 45 resist drain 68 heat cost 137 energy cost 161 backfire 2 uses on all tiers,shoots a electrici plasma beam im not sure about stats yet so please tell if you have an opinion.
  18. We'll, they're meant to be an easily accessible weapon in the earlier ranks, which get phased out by e-m or l-m weapons in higher ranks.
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