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  2. into common parts divined
  3. she is in love with MOON RAH
  4. is in love with with his sister SHE-RA
  5. True Nest person is a p2w
  6. Hello everyone, I didn't know where else to put this but can someone that has got Tanki Online as a friend on any social media please question him as to why he stole my account and then reset/replaced it with a new one?? I've spent around 3-5k real money on my super mechs account and it really does hurt to know that people accuse me of hacking and now my account gets wiped. I honestly don't know what to do now ;(. Please can someone help me, I just want my account back.
  7. Finally back to 30mill. Now keep pushing to 40mill. No hopes
  8. Today
  9. Please send your ign soon because I'm gonna get online in 30-60 mins
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