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  3. imo don't buy either, either save for packs when an item comes out or offers, item portals are also a pretty nice place to dump your tokens ino
  4. can everyone just stop arguing on whats better, and just buy what you wanna buy, although alexander could tell us the exact probabilities to shut everyone up as well.
  5. we got some balance updates, alex said more are coming , they dealt with hackers/glitchers, pretty sure we had a relic portal and the last 2 offers they made have been pretty great. Also i heard somewhere that they are gona make item offers only have meta items? not sure how true that last one is but if it is i think it's pretty cool.
  6. No picture bit got 1 golden relic, 1 purple relic and 1 avenger legend in my R3 box. My S+ box
  7. Yup. Same glitchy servers, same offers and weekly "events." New boss, same as the old boss.
  8. No, it's purely superstition. on the otherhand, packs provide a small discount. so in the long term, you'll be better off buying packs for the simple reason you get more item drops with the same amount of tokens (on a large scale).
  9. the offers are the same as before lmao. new forum is kinda.. I mean even if it was a significant improvement on the last forum, its not going to make a diffence to the huge problems in game which have existed for years now. the balance changes were nice, in fairness. BUT the major issues with the way TS handled the game have still not been adressed. and as far as I can tell... they're not going to be. I mean feel free Gato team, if you're reading this, enlighten me with your vision for change and I'd love to hear it. but the team went silent after about a month? same communication issues
  10. just bullshit, to make believe big change but no! lol
  11. We really need this update thanks for listening to us!
  12. The change are a lot, specially the new forum and special offers really payoff. And yes the offers are overpriced, same as always. But I still can't find difference other of it, or maybe other of it remain the same.
  13. Normal stuff. Good for you to keep in communication with the clan. About school, have fun now been young with school mates and learn as much you can because later life will be harder on your own shoulders. A the lunar new year, I knew due to one of my coworker it is from Vietnam. I still do not have sorrow no even with packs.
  14. That is way too enough for me now and i'm day 257 still wait for a sorrow hot offer (hope Gato Games keep the offers or just changing them a little bit). Not just WLGang stuffs are taking away my time in this forum but it is also about my school just opened back again after the Tet holiday (The Lunar New Year in Viet Nam), my new problems with literature class, houseworks and i am hanging around in WLgang discord server more than at here.
  15. Nice. I call you an smart guy. Keep saving. A man . Welcome to game slavery. . here take 🌶. Just kidding. Well, you needed a clan to progress a bit more so will take a bit of your time. Normal process to work for someone else no longer been the boss. Welcome back bro.
  16. I imagine premium pack as season box, and token as bonus. Save token for special offers, it might help you a lot. But depending on what rank and luck you get, but it still drop legendary. That was my experience, trust me you will be thankful.
  17. What exactly has changed since gato took over from TS? same old overpriced token packages same old crappy drop rates same old gap between the have-its and have-nots with no legit free method to progress past a certain barrier as far as I can tell, the only difference is the name of the company showing up on spender’s bank statements. am I wrong?
  18. While playing normal i use desktop version and while i want to grind speedy in portal or events i use flash puffin.
  19. Oh bruh, I won't try to be active anymore. I gonna try to chill in here, don't have enough time to post since i joined WLGang. Now i can just read and can't post many anymore. And ok here is a small tokens and gold flex from a 100% pure F2P.
  20. New titan that's as tall as its target's shins, allowing maximum shin kicking damage per turn.
  21. Well at least boots are super easy to be divined. But they need a buff in order to stay with massive feet. I suggest buff their damage and hp instead adding more new stat to them.
  22. Too expensive plus you have a chance of getting legendary in premium box
  23. Box better cuz I had got lots of good items especially the claw(just got it)
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