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    You're really never going to make me position myself on something I know nothing about, sorry.
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    Maybe in the old forum due the lack of moderation in general (For a year it was Marija alone handling dozens of reports), in this one not really, as far as I've seen I wasn't staff or even present at that situation and I'm only seeing one side of the story with no evidences or context whatsoever, I don't think it's honest at all for me to pick a position in that discussion, that's just now how we solve things. But a safe point I can make is that only because it shows in an in-game AD, doesn't mean it is allowed in the community, companies don't have full control of what the ADs will show, they can only pick broad themes, gaming, programming, etc... Automatically this also means that only because something shows up in an in-game ad, doesn't mean it's supposed to be in the forum, the right way to handle that situation was to contact the administration, not make a public post about it anyway.
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    Not a single accusation post doesn't lead to a warning, and sufficient warnings lead to a ban, people make dozens of accusations towards CleverName and think it is favoritism when they get punished, but it's just math, it would be the same if anyone else got accusated as often. Regardless whether your accusations are truthy, you will still get warned upon reported, the forum isn't the place for that. Just. Report.
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    If you're talking about Fluxeon's ban, it was for toxicity but mostly for supporting the DDOS attacks, the community manager we had at the time just didn't care sufficiently to write down the reason. Good to note: Everyone at the time knew about the reason, it was extremely obvious, but some people just find it funny to say banned for "!". Regardless of what the message says there's always a reason and when people suddenly get banned for supposedly no reason it usually means the staff have been watching your behavior lately and decided you're better off of the community, for a reason we may or not want to display. Using myself as example, in the old-old-forum I got banned for spam, while in reality it was for months of harassment, attacks, and being unconstructive in general, but the reason only said spam because it just happened to be my action that triggered their decision to ban me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. That information did come from the Discord, Alexander was the one who said the hardware is outdated, and well, he's currently the only one doing pretty much everything to SM, calling him a CEO is an understatement. Two things are good to note: 1. The anti-cheat is still under development, those things take time, whenever Alex decides tries to give us an idea of the complexity, the conversation takes hours. The problems he's facing right now aren't even problems that would normally exist in the worst scenarios. 2. While it does feel unfair to have only him as the current administrator, it doesn't matter as a business, he can just hire more people anyway, the problem is we are on a really brittle base, very hard to work on, especially without impacting stuff that already exists, the reason he didn't hire more developers yet is because himself don't understand how the SM code works yet, the documentation is very poor, so before hiring people he's planning to actually have a product for them to work on, and not hire people to figure out how things work to be able to work on it. This is still not all there is to that, but since this isn't on the topic's matter I'll leave it at that.
  6. I wonder how long it will take until people start sharing that religiously without realizing it's a joke.
  7. I don't have the correct attachment points yet, so WU is using a formula based on image size, that will take a very long time to get fixed, sorry.
  8. I've added all torsos. We're missing stats for HellFire Armour though, if you have it please share!
  9. It's just a random loading quote Good news! Thanks to @Fluffeh we already have most of the images now, that was unexpected.
  10. A few months ago @Eneg collected the stats of 278 legacy items, and cobbled together a 4000 lines file of legacy data. I converted that data to a format that can be imported to Workshop Unlimited, the problem is we don't have the item images yet. So, straight to the point, I'm asking for your help to get the item images, so I can finish it. If you have png (or svg) of any legacy item, feel free to send it here. Thanks in advance! How to use the legacy items pack: 1. Go to https://workshop-unlimited.vercel.app/ 2. Click "Import From URL" 3. Enter this link: https://gist.githubusercontent.com/ctrl-raul/f39e6637b5fbda1f7d4e58fb50c0399e/raw/
  11. I dedicate this song to @Alexander
  12. Raul


    Nope, not the case.
  13. If it wasn't for Alex and @battlesqui_d's tips, Workshop Unlimited wouldn't exist.
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