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  1. It was brilliant, after months without playing properly I gave it a go, and it was fun. Very hyped for the next balance!
  2. What are you doing my dude, get that hair untied
  3. Anything you like playing with, but usually electric mechs perform better on low ranks, in contrast with them being the weakest type in top ranks at the moment.
  4. Companies can't legally manage a subreddit, it's against Reddit's terms, it's supposed to be from the community to the community, therefore Alexander or anyone from Gato Games can't do much about it.
  5. The thing with coloring in WU is that it takes a very long process to set up, it's complicated and has a lot of moving parts, and the result is something that will not work well or at all for a big portion of the users. The video showcases an old version of it which was made in Flash, time passed and I re-made WU using only browser features, so it works on any device and you don't have to download anything.
  6. It can take up to two days for you to receive your tokens, give it some more time. If they don't arrive contact the support.
  7. Banned. Cheating, selling fully cheated accounts, built a crew of cheaters and cheated their way up to the top of the ranking... that sort of thing.
  8. From rank 25 to rank 1, anyone can make videos, there is no problem with that. People make videos because they like, have fun doing so and engage more with the community. Doesn't matter if there's 1 or 100000 videos about the same thing, YouTube gives room for everyone to make videos about what they enjoy, and it's good to see the same thing from different perspectives too. What's the problem with being recorded in SM? You don't want people to see your lose/win? You don't want people to see your mechs? Even then, they have the rights to record you playing, it's not illegal and t
  9. Seems just natural that it should take to the regular screen instead of going directly to the transformation. We had the same issue with not being able to paint maxed items before, it was nicely fixed, and this surely can get fixed too.
  10. Consider joining the Discord server! The forum is rather difficult to use for general chatting, hence the Discord server linked to it. We have multiple chats to talk about almost anything we want. https://community.supermechs.com/discord/invite/general/
  11. I'm gonna be honest, I don't think this is a good idea. If it's gonna be like the old thread as you say, it's pretty much farming likes, and that's not good in a forum where they're supposed to represent to some extent your contribution to the community.
  12. Physical Meta Fractured Heat Armor VS Molten Platinum Vest Heat Meta Rusty Energy Armor VS Lightning Platinum Vest Thoughts?
  13. Refreshing the game should fix.
  14. Since I know multiple players and myself have other players in their family, therefore playing the game under the same IP, I do not think this is a good idea, Besides that, people already have VPN those days, so it wouldn't be really hard to bypass that system if it were implemented.
  15. It's a super nitch item, only works for very specific builds, but still worth keeping since it's a premium item, and balance changes are comming too, to it can suddenly turn into a great item. Probably an immediate good replacement for Zarkares too.
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