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  1. Looks like this game doesnt want me to quit... I got this from base.
  2. I was thinking about quiting this game. Uhh.. But I will check this game's community and discord to see if a new update will come out. Anyways here is what I got from fortune box.
  3. I couldnt see any portal. Did you find it?
  4. Alright, that was my best purchase so far. I got some great drops too <3
  5. u cannot be serious xd maxed. why my posts got matched pff..
  6. I recommend you this build. I didnt spend any tokens to respawn. Good luck everyone I realised something, u should use MPV for torso xd
  7. I have already 350 unclaimed boxes and lots of power kits. Im waiting for a good l-m that is worth to upgrade. so thats why.
  8. its not fine. waiting for 3 days to craft epic/legendary item... its not ok.
  9. Yeah, I didnt get anything usefull from Easter packs. But at least, I painted something and I like how they look xd
  10. Well.. it looks like i was just unlucky. Lots of players got some great items.
  11. Ok, just save your tokens. This is just bullshit.
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