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  1. FFS read, it was an exaggeration, often used in discourse. I am not making insults, but pointing out the stupidity of u correcting something that was not a mistake. I'm attempting to clarify a misunderstanding, but u seem incapable of understanding.
  2. Obviously, for those of us with active brain cells,we can understand that u cannot even equip 18 heat bombs on a mech, the point was that u need many divined items, many premium items, to beat insane mode, even if they use corrupt, or flam, note that all these people have divine premium mods, which other people lack, and they still need revives.
  3. @SawzAll, very ironic considering ur extremely toxic and aggresive with anyone that doesn't agree with u. Secondly, from what I pick up, Wep did beat the portal, her logic is simple: Alex makes a portal with good rewards yay, however to get the good rewards, you need to have "VIP Items", hence, you need to spend money to get the good reward, which in itself makes it not as good a reward. She is not doing it out of personal interest, as her inventory is probably deeper than anyone, or almost anyone, else who has posted here, what she supports is that the portal difficulties should be beatable by people that don't have 18 heat bombs, 4 swoops, 68 fortresses and a bunch of premium weapons. and again, sawz, and whiteout, read the psot before posting some bs which is compeltely wrong, and sawz, dont be so toxic, ur very hypocritical.
  4. From what she wrote, it seems she did beat the portal, without many revives, please read carefully.
  5. Imo, phys remains the best for everyone that does not have 1 gazillion dual mods, fortresses and prem weapons
  6. The build I mean btw not avenger, u can make much better builds with avenger, weapon and drone choice is completely facked, and module choice isn't good either
  7. No, it doesn't, thats greedy's job, murmur needs to be lighter
  8. Im quite happy with it, I didn't spend on insane, and got more than the 45 tokens I would have gotten on the typical gold portal.
  9. firewall does 2 knockback, 2 use hooks are also cool
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