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  1. Functional and logical but why the f**k would alex implement that, it only loses him money!
  2. Regardless, I believe @Alexandershould add this feature to everyone, it would be a great money making move as well.
  3. Imagine max mything 4 of the same item when you will only ever need 3
  4. How do I get it too? I mena only other feature I've seen is kin
  5. Hey, one guy in my clan (@Asther) got this offer: Not the first time, he's had this on going for multiple days. @Alexander is there a meaning to this? Or is it active for everyone and only he sees it? (as in the increased rates r for everyone, but only he is aware of it) Also, could you maybe activate it on all accounts.
  6. u gotta be the most toxic and cancerous guy out there
  7. not half as much, maybe 40% to justify it being e-d
  8. In general it is either too op or too weak. If you make 90, its still weak to top rank energy but viable against other elements (mainly phys cuz eng free heat couldn't care less). If you make it 50, it is insignificant at top ranks and too strong at lower. Thanks, it is highly frustrating ngl!
  9. You have been ignoring em from the beginning. You have not provided any answer to my stats, I did not tell you to shut up, I gave you a choice, you can either prove me wrong, as in prove that this item would work, or I do not believe it necessary to spam this topic with comments about how I am not a fortune teller, when I have made my point and my meaning when I say it won't work abundantly clear. Remember, until you disprove me, I can make any claim, if I back it with evidence. Now back to the topic, let's ignore everything else: I will rephrase what I said in my other posts:
  10. My comments had an analysis for why I believe it will never work, instead of just saying that you can't answer, how about you defend your point? Great, they said it could work, now present the tweaked stats and we can discuss if it would work at lower ranks as well. I would like this item to exist, but until someone proves otherwise, I believe it impossible that this will work. And yes you sound like a complete jerk, since you repeat yourself and ignore what I said, I made a claim and presented evidence, prove me wrong or shut up. Oh and btw, you told me
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