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  1. typo, I meant shite idk am in llyl, but its currently full. We're all above r5, currently 7th in the world
  2. ngl id have said u were 8 years old. Maybe 10.
  3. Isnt 40 a but little, I'd aim for at least 200, but just wait for alex to release another deal, then look at flex thread ppl will post there-
  4. r3 is always a prob, since its the most fought at range until around r1, where everyone fights at r1/2.
  5. it wont get buffed cuz its already good and useable
  6. weak range 3, use nightmare or naga or windigo id put last words but u do u
  7. tbh, savagery and corrupt r useless, flam is useable in cooling destroyers. In addition, ofc its worse than its l-m counterpart, look at the e-m vs l-m drainers
  8. dont even suggest stopping raid we need it
  9. how do u have 1000 posts? In like 1 month of being here
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