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  1. wow that sounded pretty cold and rude
  2. u know just curious will we have a free pack every special hoilday like: christmas, 4th of July, Easter, Thanksgiving etc?
  3. interesting hmm.. how 'bout this why spend some tokens on very cheap paint ? why not spend it on something storm paint or something like that
  4. false next person is amercian
  5. I kinda just want a gold paint or a royal blue paint
  6. xD I am just a normal kid who plays games and stuff
  7. I am better at cod than @MasterChief
  8. I am will always be better at Minecraft than @MasterChief
  9. I am better than @MasterChief xD
  10. tf?! I am inevitable *snaps*
  11. well i got this piece of sh** probably gonna be mythfood
  12. oh yeah... that is true except anything else except for a emp
  13. it seems fine expect for energy regen but idk if u have all these items but this could work
  14. false next person is possibly LBTG+
  15. false next person is a boy
  16. False I use grammar xD next postor watchs anime
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