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  1. 1. Do you have a mic 2. What is your favorite Pokémon
  2. Why not just have a 1 time use account merge but you have to know the user and pass
  3. Shoultz if I could do that I would never run out of myth food and what are the divine stats for windago now And I would have a second half burnt
  4. Can abusing the raid cheat get you banned
  5. Nope he ain’t joking or at least I don’t think he is
  6. Bruh heat cost on frantic now ruins my phys clutch mech
  7. What Pokémon are you and why. For me I would say garchomp because it is kind and gentle at times
  8. Hey Alex so I made a request for base Tuesday but now it’s Sunday and yet nothing has happened what’s going on with that
  9. Banned for attempting to roast me even though your image is a Netflix original (trash)
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