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  1. I still think they should've left the knockback or the damage (not both,) but mostly the damage since it has such an intimidating name. You'd think it would do something other than just sit there like a my 600lb life human shield.
  2. So you used 66 percent of your post to correct grammar and then you said "Future hold in the game." Take a second that some people are not from america and realise that they need to speak english to get the most help out of this forum.
  3. Yo, badges!! So cool! Almost as cool as the ban wave that was supposed to be set in motion 2 months ago is going to be
  4. Only when I have a stubborn grudge on someone who I can talk to on here
  5. What a blast to watch, you can really tell what Aqualung's album art was portraying xD
  6. I've gotten a lot of good shit since the last time i've been on the forums so here's my inventory:
  7. Back to this bullshit because even boomers that game can't keep themselves from complaining about something.
  8. Blame wepawet for complaining that "EveRY oNE sHoULd bE AbLe tO bEaT iNsaNE" NO IDIOT INSANE IS SUPPOSED TO BE HARD IE. THE NAME INSANE Now the whole dumbass community agreed with some boomer gamer and forced Alex go back to the 75 token easy portals (the one that this is gonna be) and it obviously doesn't work because it ain't showing up Thanks
  9. Just here to disable my base for a little manhatten project i'm working on..... :} Here's a meme for old times sake
  10. Only coming back to flex how I got these two in one day. From a DAY 21 PREMIUM BOX OF ALL THINGS And from a fortune box ^_^
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