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  1. all the legendary drops from the offer more flexes
  2. Thanks for watching! And thanks for 100 subs! It means a lot to me
  3. A bit off topic, but I would switch the abomination with the heat bomb on the first mech and put a magma recoiler on the second instead of abomination Haven't flexed something in a while so here's a few first time for alt
  4. Dual magma almost ready The only good pack from yesterday's offer some good box drops
  5. Thanks for watching! It's a very short video but I hope you enjoy!
  6. 40 mi gold I could completly max all three of my mechs if I wanted, but making rares into epics into myth food would be super boring Arena box Funny thing is I have this item on my 2 other accounts, highly coincidental. Same thing with a few L-Ms on my main and alt. Its strange
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