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  1. you don't have stats, that's the reason you're dying very easily against heat and en users, I do very well against en and heat with phys
  2. better HP, better res. Windigo is currently better then zarkares and is lighter so go with that for a heat torso. But remember any type of torso can be used on any types of mechs
  3. first time r6, might be r5 soon with the rate I'm maxing items at
  4. nice event and good drops, thanks alex
  5. so mano style build is a counter simply because it doesn't have phys res?
  6. all my drops solid drops overall, only 1 pack of epics Happy Easter! Edit: decided to spend my last tokens on one more food>nothing
  7. night used clan war glitch to farm wins, idk if that's related to him getting kicked
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