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  1. First time my f2p alt reached rank 1 in 2v2 It was hard ngl...
  2. Healing drone with backfire
  3. now i dont have to worry about xp anymore
  4. you can have all my scopes, i dont need them honestly
  5. premium pack : why not give this guy another scope, he seems to like it
  6. there is nothing wrong with this image
  7. not every player has individual fortress in their inventory. using defence matrix and 3 platinum plate on vest still make the vest hard to kill
  8. you want to make vest more unkillable ?
  9. Montelemon from U.S.S.R clan has divine advanced repulser
  10. im not bother to open it, just close the game right away
  11. Ah yes, 1 week of waiting for a legendary banshee My favorite
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