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  1. I'd like to know before trying it
  2. When I first made this post, I was only looking at the damage aspect of these weapons. I didn't take SC's push, low weight, and low energy and heat costs, and FB's high stat costs. However, damage-wise, I stand by what I have said.
  3. wall for donald trump to
  4. and everyone told @Spam to get his mind out of the gutter
  5. I personally think the best way to buff Greedy is to give it higher res break. maybe like 15 or 20 or maybe even 25 res break every attack.
  6. Ever since Frantic was balanced, there's really no point in using Sacrifice Cannon. Frantic has 2 uses, and deals 205 - 515 damage (no arena bonuses), and has 2 uses. Sacrifice Cannon has one use, deals 214 - 520 damage, and on top of that has 123 backfire. I understand that there is no need to make physical better than it already is, but I feel that it is now redundant. My suggestion is to maybe make it 2 uses and give it slightly more damage, or make it 3 uses and keep the damage the same. please don't flame me for this
  7. I feel like epics should at most be 75,000 coins. Also, upgrade times should be cheaper, and faster. You're basically just buying better drop loots from Silver Boxes; that's how base feels.
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