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  1. I use a school issued laptop as i dont have my own
  2. Flash is officially off my laptop, As in i cant bypass it and still use it anymore, and i cannot download the game on said laptop, So It might be my time to leave, unless i can play on mobile, Or if the game goes to html which i think a lot of people would like that to happen, I'll be on discord if you need me, Not like anyone would
  3. actually did this yesterday but idc I have many vids of me fooding maxed items
  4. I have more just lazy to search 7k photos
  5. Yes yes yes new forums new thread for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i will keep this alive i think depends if i play sm much game is somewhat boring now counters are hot
  6. Im gonna still post on old forums for the nostalgia gonna miss all my badges tho
  7. WOah new forums gonna miss the old forums and all the memories.. anyways hi
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