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  1. No picture bit got 1 golden relic, 1 purple relic and 1 avenger legend in my R3 box. My S+ box
  2. Normal stuff. Good for you to keep in communication with the clan. About school, have fun now been young with school mates and learn as much you can because later life will be harder on your own shoulders. A the lunar new year, I knew due to one of my coworker it is from Vietnam. I still do not have sorrow no even with packs.
  3. Nice. I call you an smart guy. Keep saving. A man . Welcome to game slavery. . here take 🌶. Just kidding. Well, you needed a clan to progress a bit more so will take a bit of your time. Normal process to work for someone else no longer been the boss. Welcome back bro.
  4. How are you cool pilots? I am fine thank you. Well, OD got lonely too and wanted to be updated like his older brother OKI. FARM it is been focusing enhancing coffer gold availability and as goal set was to reach 30,000,000 and got it helped a lot with the resent extra gold obtained farming with the daily offers like today helping a lot. I will increase a bit more to start to max some energy and heat parts in testing. i will enhance them slowly to control budget. I have been enhancing just a bit those parts to complete daily like in OKI spending some gold and par
  5. Do not worry. You are smarter R1 player so forget about those guys with tokens. There is no need to progress with tokens except those the game give playing. I do it for fun and because I can but I no need to do it since in reality it is not worthy and my progress it is the normal way farming and I was already high ranking been free player with my niece. What progress I gained getting tokens? Ehhhhhh none in reality just clusters of parts not been in use showing off and no even trying to be a top player or doing the right thing with the parts. I am an example of what should not many sho
  6. Nah, I have 26,297 in OD FARM. but I think the max in each acc has been 40,000. I wonder what can be OKI if all tokens were used only in him.
  7. Hi ladies and gentleman I am back. Hmm, sounds like the independent day movie with the kamikaze guy knocking down the alien spaceship. Anyway, I do not have much time and I need to do some pvp before get in trouble with the boss. I haven't change current goal to increase gold reserves. This is the first time if not wrong to see OKI at 25mil and moving to 30 reason you do not see any myths or else max out or transforming. Sure I have to use some gold and parts to get the daily done and I have been using those to start to level up heat and energy parts. I will increase r
  8. Dear Pilots I hope all is going great for all of you. We are in the search of a new permanent clan member. Sadly we loss a member getting retired of the game after been a long time SM player. We will miss you. For anyone interested to join our clan, please drop a line or contact Bunboy here in the forum plus you can ask any question to any member and of course to this old guy OKI. We are looking for permanent member not clan hoper. We look for someone serious who wants to really do pvp and get the rewards from hard work but in the fun way making new friends supporting
  9. nice maxing. good fight s and divine. careful with the relics kicking butts with the frantic
  10. I got whaked with that one. I do not have tricks so far.
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