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  1. I better start to improve my play. Good stuff there.
  2. Terrible drop. looks like my normal drops
  3. Sad. In my case I work since the age of 5 so I was making my own without asking to parents. Even in my adult life never asked so far. I deal with my own issues. Sports are good. I did too. Toys were ok and I made sometimes my own and other stuff.
  4. If you refer electronic games, well....I hate to say that as far I remember from child we pay to have the game or pay to play. Just saying. I paid for this when young during those releases. I played paying back then Oh well. Time has passed a little bit. Last picture showing old people playing. So we know better.
  5. WTF. The first? Jesus. Well, I got one grant on OKI but the other was a sale last year summer. Grosbite also no grants for Magma etc so far. This is ridiculous passing 5 years or so. I am happy for you.
  6. Yes it does happen. When I can't play for a day or so and I am at R5 starting the game it does have the tendency to match me with an R1 of those that actually the game knows well it will kill my type of mech.
  7. I hope not. We need some. Make this more interesting. The old drama is gone so we need other entertainment.
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