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  1. sadly, it is about luck. Also, do not use tokens to rush things. Use them properly with a proper offer. Before spending tokens, you can ask to the players here. Cool down the urges to be a super pro. That create damage to many players around just rushing things.
  2. cool, nightmare also can help if no other torso. Maybe you got that one because heat/energy balanced but it is not the best way to go. You are limiting your own phys shield when the number can be around 160 or else. Sure, you have modules limitations to cool down and to regenerate limited space.
  3. Sad to see that. When I started the game, I saw many players accumulating fuel. It was a thing I never understood in principle. Yes, you can use the fuel to do campaign to get into OD6. 1- You can farm OD6 Insane as best spot during development. I do recommend that one for steady fast progress. 2- Accumulating fuel what does is harm your own development because you are not allowing the game to regenerate fuel missing mix parts collection to level up weapons and to advance in the campaign to OD6 in natural state. 3- In order to advance, you need to keep the fuel regenerating all day long. If you let cap, then you lose gold, mix parts and XP. 4- Accumulating fuel, there was a purpose for some top players time ago. There were portals to collect gold and new parts when I started then that died and for some players, it was a decent strategy in the way they played with it. To me, without offence to anyone, was stupid to see that. My first focus was farming all the time and to advance my arena shop fuel area to maximize grinding and push fast to L250 for goodies. This was my #1 priority in arena shop reason I advanced faster than most of the players around past and present. For all those areas basics, you can level up to L4 then move to FUEL and focus on that to some point using silver coins. Now, this is the best to go if you are a real grinder like me 4 times a day in full or more. This option it is not suitable for low grinders that go to home and at night do 1 full grind and the account progress is totally cripple but also it is based in what the player can do with devices availability, internet connection and personal circumstances. If you are a slow grinder, so go for attributes to enhance HP and shields etc. Level them to L4 because the cost it is manageable using the silver coins granted at lower rank. At higher rank, silver coins grants are higher and good reason you need to play 5 wins 7 days to move forward. Do not follow my strategy. That worked for me but does not mean will work for you. Just think about what to max in arena shop, how to collect mix boxes and get gold. Now, if you have OD6 insane capability to play there, burn that fuel and collect gold and mix boxes. Have in mind that will take some hours to burn that fuel
  4. max your frantic, lower rank to 25 and kill kill
  5. the game has the tendency if see that your mech is low in energy it will hammer you in match maker been phys mech. I have been testing for long and will on purpose tamper progress. In my accounts, it does like to match me with the right mechs to disable my mechs. With modules adds and removal I have collected ton of fun data for my own hard worked charts. the percentage it is elevated. Does not matter hours around during the day or night. System has an abusive condition. I have been even 20 times same mech with less repetition on mechs to match but same kind dropping rank like a rock in the river none stop. It does like punish the accounts normally the 3 starting fights as normal to force go down on rank and gets more aggressive when start the day in one star shy from next rank. During my time I decided to play for a few on R1, it did it too.
  6. excellent. post them and FLEX those in the Flex thread.
  9. people forgot of the Legacy invisible module. Still working in Reloaded.
  10. cool. I always say, if the player does have a recoil and few frantic, it should go for it regardless the bad modules starting.
  11. congrats for your Lpv. 1- Leveling a part, the reward was to spend the time leveling up the part then using the part as reward. 2- If you referring to the account level up from L1 to L250? A- Extra fuel cap apart of the natural grant and the added from arena shop. You will get a max of 95. With that extra, for a real grinder let say like me, it is a great benefit to get rich and ale to level up faster parts because grinding for gold, you get the mix boxes apart of base which will have to grind to get gold unless buy gold. B- Extra storage space. I do not remember the storage space grant when open an account. Maybe around 100-150. Can't recall. Also, I do not remember how much will be but in some levels, you can get 5 storage and a few of them give 10 storages. Not a lot but will provide some. C- At level 200, will get a Platinum Plating. At Level 250 Mix resistance. Sadly, I will say, the reward for leveling up to L250, it is too poor in my personal opinion. The amount of time grinding to go there it is a lot. Not that many have the endurance to go there.
  12. 1- FARM by yourself 2- Let someone else farm for you 3- Buy gold with real money and let someone else to max part for you 4- Let someone else play your account for some time to get gold etc and then cry because your best online buddy decided to steal your account. 5- your choice
  13. Congrats with the molten. Max 1-NO, the percentage has not been public for many years. According to the old players it was public. At least not in my time started playing by the end of 2019. 2-No, we do not have the info. TOP game secret now. 3- No, we do not have the info. TOP game secret now.
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