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  1. Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay
  2. He gave the account to a few trusted people
  3. Week 20: been too long, don't remember what exactly has happened between last time or before, so I'll just give a general overview. 10.2M gold, 2.7K tokens, still level 250 (10 months later) Inv: 121 max items, 63 of which are divine Arena shop still maxed, 15K AC, still no base, always above 100 AP Campaign: 100% 1v1, 100% 2v2, 92% 3v3 (gave up on that as it was too hard) Still in WLGang though less active so I have a copilot
  4. Hmm, it’s nice that you keep track of your mech’s birthday. I think mine is some time in September (2017) but I don’t remember the day.
  5. All platinum vests, the two heat and energy thanos’, and a few others which are debatably better
  6. Have this as my pfp on discord
  7. It’s an iOS issue that happens after the keyboard closes in a weird way. just reset the app and you should be fine
  8. I joined the club just to tell you that you pinned this for everyone on the forum not just the club
  9. Atusiff


    # Welcome I hope you enjoy your stay
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