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  1. As for thumbnail making, my options are a chromebook and an iPhone, so I had to look pretty good. I found a very good browser image editor called ‘Pixlr E’ which I and a few others have been using for our thumbnails for a long while.
  2. I have a feeling that the rarities of badges are based on how many people have them, and that is why they all say rare.
  3. For those members who were invested in the old forum, you know I 'collected' the forum badges. At one point before the forum's end I had the most single badges (meaning there were others with more badges than me, but they were duplicate badges.) I've looked a little bit to see if there was a listing of badges and how to get them, just like on the old forum. But I could not find one. That's why I'm creating this topic; in order to achieve all badges hidden on this forum. ___ This is what I've found on my profile, seems to be the easiest 5 to achieve. I've also seen a 'get 100 reactions' badge on rc's profile, plus a mystery 'Cult of the Party Parrot' on Alexander's. Anything else you guys have seen?
  4. Before I joined the forum I was not very good. But when I did join I was able to learn a lot about this game and make friends. This may sound cliche but I think the reward I got was being better at the game.
  5. It's a cheat engine for a lot of games, used to work on SM but Alex patched it.
  6. I think that is 'Lucky Patcher' but it cut off
  7. Week 4: Unclaimed boxes: +11 Fortunes, +1 R3 Box (35) Got 500 tokens (7.9K). +3.7M gold (18.4M) +200 arena coins (7.5K) Week 5: Unclaimed boxes: +11 Fortunes (309), +1 R3 Box (36), +2 Premium Box (8), +1 A Tier Box (1) Got 700 tokens (8.6K), +1.2M gold (19.5M) Inv: + 1 maxed item (Hardened Plainum Vest) +300 arena coins (7.8K) Cleared 7% of 3v3 campaign (73%)
  8. The only way I've been able to contact him is through his discord server when he's online. And from my experience there is no set time online, as it is sporadic like any other discord user.
  9. It seems this topic is mainly for the benefit of the game. As of now, and a few others might agree with me. I think the real quality of life changes we need are more developers and hardware updates. More devs: I’ve heard rumors that Alex is the only dev working on SM. This is bad and hiring more will increase productivity *a lot* Hardware update: I’ve also heard rumors that the SM hardware is extremely outdated, and updating this could increase the the usability of Alex’s anti-cheat, in turn making cheaters go bye-bye. One downfall to my ideas that I’ve heard is that accounts would be set back by six months. I know this is a lot of work, and for some will bring you back to square one. But I’m the long run, which Alex is said to plan on, this will rid the game of cheaters for a long while.
  10. Back in the days of legacy, the maximum level was 30. If you look at those players you will notice their mechs look different and that they likely haven't logged on in years. Their AP has not been reset because they have not played arena since then.
  11. Week 3: Unclaimed boxes: +7 Fortunes (287), +1 S Tier box (5), -1 R5 box (0), +1 R3 box (34) Got 1,800 tokens (7.4K), -1.3M gold (14.7M) Inv: +2 maxed items (two overload preventors) +500 arena coins (7.3K) Cleared 4% of 3v3 campaign (66%)
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