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  1. I'll tell you my method, usually around 1.2K tokens a month, only paying 5 usd each time. So, the majority of tokens I get are from the 30 day pass, 750 a month if you login daily. I then get 10 a day from my dailies, which is a little under 300 a month. I also do raid which gives around 450 tokens a month if I make top 500 each week (use a boiler mech!). I also watch ads daily, if I watch 4 a day that's 250 tokens a month. I also take advantage of events such as portals or special quests to get tokens. If you have a good foundation of items this stuff should be easy to do, it's just beco
  2. Fun fact: many forumers here have added their birthdate to their forum profile. You can check it that way
  3. This forum seems less active because of the official discord. Alex encourages casual chat to take place there instead of here, so that is what happens.
  4. I think you'll fit WLGang 3.0, a top 25 clan that has great participation. The WLGang community is a very strong one, and I bet you will find some people you can vibe with in the group That is, as long as you join the clan discord server. Contact Ad1tya#5014 to join.
  5. Record for most clans under the same name(group)?
  6. Emails are only used to recover lost passwords. It looks like you have put in the wrong login when trying to log in.
  7. Some have said the beginning of next month, because TS had events planned to the end of Feb
  8. I don't want to be rude or anything but at first glance I read the title as 'Girl Person' lol
  9. No. Every player who has hit lvl 250 has gotten a maximum protector, me included.
  10. Not like you've never clickbaited before. What else should I have done anyways?
  11. He's been kicked multiple times, but he keeps rejoining
  12. They are always 2nd or 3rd week. Tuesday or Thursday. 50% chance it is this week 50% chance GG decides.
  13. Once GG takes over the events, I will still be tracking them and I bet there will be some pattern. Humans like patterns, and can find patterns everywhere.
  14. New Items are usually every other week. The Pattern I see is an offer starts out the first Saturday of the month and then alternates between offers and increased drop rates. Next new item, if going to plan should be this/next Saturday (If yesterday was also Saturday)
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