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  1. Packs won't be buffed Alexander said many times. There has been done plenty of research to know the almost exact value packs need to have to keep players motivated. Sometimes it's just bad luck, you can't do anything about that.
  2. You won't get banned by just that. It is highly likely that you did some other stuff about the TOS.
  3. So you are saying that your paint should be added and players just need to be smart enough to understand it. Doesn't really seem like a solid argument to me m8.
  4. You can't inspect the opponents mech in a clanwar, and the elemental colors just should'nt be changed either imo.
  5. You should just stick to Tonto for now, but don't use Dustmaker as upgrade food. Dustmaker will most likely get bufffed and be better in the future.
  6. It's not smart to say your playerID publically on the forums. If you ddin't hack, you shouldn't worry about anything. I get why some mebers of WLGang 2.0 got suspicious of you as you got lots of items without any offer or anything like that, but it was probably just a lot of saved packs you had I guess.
  7. Zylok


    Trying to reach Sarah on the 'new' forums? Wow, haven't seen that one before tbh
  8. It's just something that happens and needs to be looked at. When you lose it is also possible to get the winning box.
  9. If this would be added Iron Plate would become obsolete as it woulf have the same HP addon but double the weight. In my opinion this wouldn't br a good item as it would makr another item obsolete, and it would be there just to make building easier, not to gain a strategic advantage over your opponent.
  10. I actually have no clue. I think the last post might've even been sent on a thread about besty.
  11. Rest in peace TacticSoft including its forum
  12. Does it give an error message? If so, what is it?
  13. How are you doing nowadays? I personally haven't seen a lot form you on the forums except for this thread. Are you still playing SM as regular as you did when you were creating one or multiple videos a week, or did you leave SM a little behind for the time being?
  14. You don't need energy, so remove all the combined modules and replace it with heat modules.
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