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  1. Nice idea Queenie! Won't participate myself due to the little time I have but best of luck to the participants.
  2. I can join just to fill up a spot until you find other players. Can do clanwar but need to be notified when a round starts. Won't be much active besides that
  3. Imagine the developers not being able to do something about it in a quick manner of time because players themselves keep crashing it on purpose to get to the top 10 positions. Just think about it...
  4. @Yoda it's best to add me on Discord, @zylok
  5. @incredibleapple It's best to message me on Discord @zylok I'll be sleeping for the upcoming 8 hours though.
  6. Nice post mate, it's a good read. This reminded me a lot about me coming back to the game over 3 years ago after I had left it in the end of 2013.
  7. The popup you got stated that there was already an account connected to your Game Center account. You had the option to use your main, or your alt, the popup also stated that if you choose the latter your main would be deleted, and so has it. Just don't connect 2 account to any of the same account on a game service, that literally never works and always deletes one of them.
  8. The thing is, accounts can't get stolen or hacked. If you have never given away your info, your password was probably very easy to guess, and that's how they got access
  9. If you connect 2 different accounts to 1 Game Center account the oldest one will be deleted. Why would you even connect 2 accounts to it?
  10. Zylok

    Login Question

    Through here: https://forum.supermechs.com/forum/ucp.php?mode=login
  11. Zylok

    Login Question

    I'm afraid that if you lost both there's nothing that can be done, you need either of the 2 to be able to get the other one.
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