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  1. Note : Im already quitted 2 days ago, but some may still dont know it yet so i made this topic(maybe i wont back idk). Its been 10 years since the time i started playing sm, and its very long time for me, but the main reason to i quit is school and i need to spend more time in my real life, about the account Soviet Union mech, i think hidden name(not gonna tell lol), @ZERO, @adc and @SamUwU will be the co-pilot and bim( or ching chong in discord) aka the account owner will take care about it. Thank you @SawzAll and @Pizza4UAndMe for a great moment in Noble Warriors and arbp, a honor to be in your clan though its not too long . Thanks to some person who made me now and thats it, imma finish my homework It here means sprite cranberry account, my bad
  2. falcon, d shedder and r polisher
  3. Note: i quitted so i wont answer any question
  4. I think increase the coin and xp u get in 3v3 is better Cuz its hard af
  5. I think vest maybe better and a bit low cap
  6. can you show me your inventory? put tele, charge and terror cry, moduels are up to u, gg ez
  7. 8 divines and 5 mythicals Noble Warriors aov and football, maybe?
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