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  1. daily prizes (in day 2/9/16) and sliver boxes in shop( removed )
  2. the clan you searched is full
  3. r10 boxes has more chance to get good stuff than r12 box i'm always get relics and trash when open r12 box
  4. When you have enough item, you can use this one Monkey has high hp but no res, the physical monkey has lower hp Than other
  5. weight is too much and the same to energy dmg, cost and res drain
  6. SC2A


    will be in near future
  7. it's fine but beware of heat mechs tho Lower hp but the cap is better Use face shocker in r 10-5, they mostly use counter so grim raper and sith is a great choice if you don't have monkey or vest
  8. the cooling/regen is too low, a boiler and simple energy mech can easily take it out, no res and low hp will make you die fast when fighting vs free energy mechs( heat and phys both), using a physical hook and charge is a bad choice, last, naga never work with this build( fact) the mech is bad at almost all, but it drain is not too bad 3/10
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