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  1. Yeah, I didnt get anything usefull from Easter packs. But at least, I painted something and I like how they look xd
  2. Well.. it looks like i was just unlucky. Lots of players got some great items.
  3. Ok, just save your tokens. This is just bullshit.
  4. well... I got mercy from clan prem pack. But I dont have enough protectors to make second physical build. so... uhh...
  5. my beautiful sorrow... I finally maxed it.
  6. this months results; -I got purple shits from last 4 arena boxes -fortune boxes were bullshit, nothing good after 4 weeks, I got a legendary from base. Guess what? İt was roling beats. Yeah perfect... ... ... ... ... ... ... I got really fuccin bored of this game.
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