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  1. Max commons are okay. They pack decent punch. The higher the level (which mean more power to next level), the higher the increase in the amount of power (for the kit). In higher levels you can get to 11K increase in power (per level), although you need to spend about 8K or 9K to boost that level (which might be discouraging) Max epics are used on legendaries. A maxed epic will boost a (non premium) legendary item to level 33. A legendary that is below level 32 will not be maxed with the use of another epic kit (and will need some common food). Legendary kits, in their name, shou
  2. I'm pretty sure it's for reference only. Stacking kits (boosting kits with kits) work, but rather costly (as the kits themselves can be used perfectly fine with other non-kit items)
  3. Catch is, if you use a item of the same class/type to boost, you get 10% more power. If you get both of them correct you have 20% more power. Example: If I use a common sikanda, which have 400 power, to boost my dawnblaze, dawnblaze will receive 480. Whereas if I use it to boost my savagery OR if I use it to boost my viking hammer, the item will receive 440. If I use it to boost anything not explosive or anything not side weapon, I will get 400. Boosting common kits, and then use it to boost items give you 17% since power kits do not benefit from this -- which mad
  4. POWER. It does not matter if you are making rare or epic or legendary items they don't give you enough power/$. Cheap (now common) is the most effective at converting coins into boosting power. At maybe waiting time, but do you play 24/7? probably not. The only things you will (mostly) ever need is legendaries, and power. Enough food come from the boxes already. And since they dropped common prices, I might as well argue that the price for the "cheap" to be also dropped. to 500 (or 750), as suggested.
  5. I thought I was the first that came up with the "lightweight plating" idea. It'd be mainly useful for when you have some spare weight on your mech (and happened to have extra slots). 20 kg. Offers exactly half the punch of a plat-plate. E-M. Because the hp/slot is low, we wont worry about spamming plate. E-M for the fact that it cost twice the amount of power (and item) to obtain the same amount of hp boost. It might be popular, or it might not. Just like some of the newer weapons featuring retreats / advances. A "interesting thing in the collection" type of item, perhaps.
  6. Gotta thank that EMP that I strapped earlier this week. Otherwise I'd be pretty dead ... Hey, I won! I beat his maxed myth (and divine) ... mech one.
  7. I had always ran "cheap" on my base factories because, as the name suggest, they are cheap. And hence they have the best power/$ ratio. And so I logged in today, went to one of my level 11 factories, and I was greeted with this: Apparently "cheap" is not cheaper than common items. It still beats "quick", however. What's happening?
  8. Realistically ... I'm not going to even try to consider for the whatever offers, simply because they cost this much (e.g. $50). For half of that price you can get the Dell 4.5mm to USB-C I wanted very much -- essentially a DC-DC converter peaked at 65W with GROUNDED neutral line (unlike most other two-pronged USB-C adapters), or you can get a new USB-C brick from Dell anyways. Or, at 10% more, the DA 300 which is awesome. I had actually considered the "improve your mech" deal because that one seem to be in reasonable budget. And in general, 10 of $4 is much more easier to s
  9. oooooo Nah i haven't looked in arena for 100 days the fights are so shït Even if it do the max protector is missing although i think i have two max protect already..
  10. I thought the only reason it sell a myth hammer is because I had one equipped on one of my mechs like the old "improve ye mech" thing
  11. Unfortunately the game is p2w. Whichever way you look at premium boxes. Or related premium items.
  12. lol No the idea of "a beefier model of heat engine" is because they had made some extremely beefy "overload preventer" and the "combined engine unit" which is supposedly to make mechs more rounded But this immediately make all non-rounded mech a piece of crap. Module-wise. Because how these new modules outclass mostly everything. Unless they use monkey torsos and even then they will have to spam mods So in order to combat this there is two ways: 1. make very beefy single-element modules 2. nerf dual-element modules I don't mind the dual storage as it's 40kg weight
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