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  1. Is that a compliment or something else Because frankly this sucks. It get slammed by elecs, heats and couldnt compete with phys (dual spartan/frantic come to mind) The damage output is just garbage. It's almost like the entire game is designed to lure you into dumping money into it. Oh wait
  2. Too little hitpoint I guess. Also very little resistance. Premium resistance module is just generally ultra rare, thanks game. 3 CSU and 3/4 booster + 1/2plate? Weight is only 937. Does that work? Not having plat plate is truly disappointing. I even somehow managed to get a few. Overload Preventors are another premium thing, but those are also very good heavy modules. Heat bomb is good. Bring it. It can help in a lot of situations.
  3. I think he think his gold amount is some integer thing It's not.
  4. energy free phys? Come to realization the 5th annihilation I have is indeed energy free, and I have the Sweetie not night eagle Very good heat, maybe too good, and exchange for plates. Torso is only legendary so stats are really bad but it look like stuff Figured out ideally I would want shotguns rather than annihilations. But oh wow those are hard to come by
  5. The divine spam is unreal Rank freakin 18 and you see mechs with 3+ divines. I have only myth torsos so far The problem is the game is .. the definition of pay to win, especially when the matchmaker is what it is. Or grind 10,000 hours with the base. Even though aside from that, there are some great moments. Like that once you narrowly beat them by double overheat them for 5 rounds with 34 health remaining Or the opposite side when RNG says yes and you wake up from the endless shutdowns with 7 hitpoint. Those are moments when both sides go "Mmm, good game". Even ones where you just got drained by a EMP+MB combo sometimes are like "mm" Having a better matchmaker sound like the easiest way to simutaneously reduce pay to win and increase GG moment.
  6. Bots. I can even feel out the algorithm. They will attack when any weapon is in range, or stomp otherwise. However if they have 1 turn left and they cannot stomp and all their weapons cannot be used, they will just sit there. Take them a while to scan through all the possible moves, so they might feel like slow player. Deploys drone if all weapon fails. Or charge. I tried spamming the [_] out of them, verbally insulting them and berating them to death. The most extreme kind. no movement In a sense, dual FB and recoil is meta, but then why have dinky torsos and legs slap something good on and go to rank 5, there isnt even much skill involved. They really overbuffed FB didnt they
  7. Bots? Or actual player It have to be bots, right
  8. Appreciated. ___ Man. This one's buff is so tremendous.
  9. If I waited until now to paint my mech, I'd have saved about 30 tokens. But it's ok.
  10. True. And War Robots is real-time PVP so if your internet lag a bit you are out. I'm f2p (but they give you free gold after you went missing for more than 3 months). My best stuff is a Carnage, a Butch and 3 trebuchet plus a tempest. Even with the trebuchet at level 10 the dpm is still very low. Everything is just madness. What does the letter color follow again?
  11. @STARWULPH Very interesting stats on Frantic Brute. Good job on the defense matrix, I don't even know the name of it.
  12. Max commons are okay. They pack decent punch. The higher the level (which mean more power to next level), the higher the increase in the amount of power (for the kit). In higher levels you can get to 11K increase in power (per level), although you need to spend about 8K or 9K to boost that level (which might be discouraging) Max epics are used on legendaries. A maxed epic will boost a (non premium) legendary item to level 33. A legendary that is below level 32 will not be maxed with the use of another epic kit (and will need some common food). Legendary kits, in their name, should go with prenium legendary/mythed ones. But again, those are pretty rare. You will not want to transform power kits. You must also agree that by transforming, you need to spend gold and you lose some power. Yes, I agree, having a power kit at 100K power (or 50K power) and use it to boost a dozen level on an item feels good, it might not be THE most economic choice. Same as when you boost common kits to boost other items -- you can boost all the legendary with the commons directly (20% rule), but its tedious and the boosting seem to not have any effect. But it might as well be the more economical one.
  13. I'm pretty sure it's for reference only. Stacking kits (boosting kits with kits) work, but rather costly (as the kits themselves can be used perfectly fine with other non-kit items)
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