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  1. Same im waiting for piercing fox too
  2. Day 12345 waiting to have a rank 0
  3. Oh god bobson 2.0 rip arena Oki doki you need to go to rank 1 with full stars than you will reach rank 0
  4. Day 1 waiting tk get a swoop
  5. It will be removed if you change your mind and buy the remove colour thing in shop that costs 300 gold
  6. The good luck words are no use That was the last super b charge engine in the whole game so i cant have that or other the items The game says i dont need premium items beacuse im forbidden to get them so thats why every time i get a legendary no matter if it is arena box reward or something else always good item getting dynamic boots With some words the game hates me Base legendary option gives only epic clan premium box also fortune box not a legendary for a few months and when i get the fortune box from the shop i will show you why i said all this I will post everything i get here starttibg with the best torso
  7. Why everyone keep getting super b i need one so much
  8. You do it with your hands How to open a door
  9. I did but its still happening not stoping
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