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On 12/24/2020 at 8:36 AM, WinzKay said:

I do not recognise a single item on that mech

The Future Is Now, Old Man [template] | The Future Is Now, Old Man | Know  Your Meme

On a more serious note, the top weapon is an energy-free burst-damage advance weapon. The saw is an energy-free burst-damage melee weapon, the three-barreled weapon is a long-range recoiler, and the bottom-right side weapon is an energy-free resistance drainer.

Important links:
Base disable (only one per person, not one per account): Create New Request - SuperMechs Community
Junior mod applications: Create New Application - SuperMechs Community
Item artist applications: Create New Record - SuperMechs Community 


Why are you looking at this? Go check out the next post.


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