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  1. This idea is very simple. We can choose only one item from a pool of three random L-M items, and you will be able to purchase your item of interest for 750 tokens once. This is in order to avoid further widening the gap between Supporters and Non-Supporters. The item pool will reset every two weeks. You have 24 hours to decide which item you will pick, and another 48 hours as a time allotment given to collect the needed amount of tokens for it. Potential questions and answers for this suggestion: Q: "Wouldn't this take away the sole purpose of Premium Packs/Boxes?" A: P
  2. Well, a certain someone thought that my head would make a good nest. Fortunately for me, he did not take a dump up there which would have been pretty bad.
  3. Good day everyone! So I've just thought of a way to potentially stop people from running hard counters, particularly the ones that completely disregard their energy stats despite having four to five items in their mech (drones included) that consume energy. If your build has more than three items (drones included, but energy consuming utilities are not) that need energy to fire, the game would request the player to have a minimum of 600 energy capacity and 200 regeneration before being able to enter arena (these values would be based on the rank of a player, lower rank = low
  4. I would like to object. Archimonde indeed needs a buff. On paper, it has some really solid stats, especially for rounded mech standards. However, its hit points is far too low given how weighty it is. Which is why nobody uses it, very heavy and little HP. Either way, both HSA and Archimonde are horrible torsos, imo anyway. But I would far rather use HSA over the torso in question. Best thing to do is just give it some bump with its hit points.
  5. I like the sound of that! I may come out a bit biased since I myself run a Dual Desolation build, but these proposed values do make sense even to the perspective of someone who has never touched a Desolation. I did the maths, and the final damage value for our hypothetical buffed Desolation would be around 298-440 (please do correct me if there are miscalculations). If anybody here thinks that it may be a bit too much as its damage is very similar to the damage output of a Spartan Carnage (286-490), hear this out: the Desolation weighs 15 kg more than a Spartan, while also having a more c
  6. Keep it. It's very likely that this torso would receive some love.
  7. So far, I'm really enjoying the Vest buff. Been rocking with this build lately: And here is a build that I wish I could make, but can't: Looking forward to more balance updates!
  8. Bad eyes really suck, been wearing glasses for 7 years.
  9. ehh, I've nothing to say tbh
  10. Firstly, no. You should not use that torso for your aforementioned builds - stick with Zarkares. However, that does not give you the "go signal" to food it. The Energy Free Armor is one of the top tier torsos in this game at the moment, right after the Monkeys. So please, keep it and DO NOT FOOD IT. It is very lightweight, has really good HP, and all-round resistance. The catch is though, is it literally doesn't have any energy. The best way to make use of this is running energy free heat mechs (i.e. Magma Blasts with Burning Showers). That's its only downside, very particular buil
  11. So I have already taken this test for about three times this past year, here are all of the results (good thing I sent them in my emails). Test results of July 8, 2019: Test results of May 11, 2020: As of today:
  12. Here is an ever reliable build that helps me survive in nowadays SM. My inventory is very limited so I work with what I have, and this build is no exception. Trust me, it sucks when I get cornered, but it still gets the job done. The synergy between Plasma Cannon and Burning Shower is surprisingly good, given I'm in the correct ranges. The Magma is a place holder in case I get cornered by the enemy. And the Heat Bomb is there to help deal with energy mechs (but it is very useful against Physical mechs as well). The double shutdown against energy mechs is very helpful for me since that gi
  13. Been here for a while actually, good to see you! Very true. Thanks for the welcome, OKI! PS. I don't want to hear anything about frogs
  14. Yep, been a while! I do have to mention to everyone that it was Alex that got me interested in corgis wayyy back in the old forums.
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