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  1. You're right, even I've collected over 1,000 tickets before. This record is should be changed but I can't be bothered
  2. Welcome to the SuperMechs Book of World Records! Here, in the list below, we have a list of records held currently by ... - a player / clan of the game - a member of the forum It can be broken or is being attempted. Medals Most Medals (players): bestplayeroftheworld (267) Most Medals (clans): HardToKill (255) Most Gold Medals (single): bestplayeroftheworld (32) Most Gold Medals (clan): DaddyTx (110) Most Gold Medals (clans): Reign Reforged (112) Most Silver Medals (single): CANOPY (17) Most Silver Medals (clan): bestplayeroftheworld (73) Most Silver Medals (clans): *HardToKill (91) Most Bronze Medals (single): CANOPY (12) Most Bronze Medals (clan): bestplayeroftheworld (92) Most Bronze Medals (clans): Littlelost your lost (101) Arena Most Arena Points (players): CleverName (505) Most Arena Points (clans):Trolls fast (5645) First +200 Arena Points (players):Lord Gorgon First +300 Arena Points (players):CleverName First +400 Arena Points (players):CleverName First +500 Arena Points (players): CleverName First +5000 Arena Points (clans): Reign Reforged Most Arena Wins (players / Reloaded): Made in Vietnam (3600) Most Arena Wins (players / pre-Reloaded): bestplayeroftheworld (2500) Most Arena Wins (clans): A TOP BR OFC (10881) Values Most Gold: GameSmasher (309,497,740) Most Tokens: CleverName (120,006) Most Clan Coins: bestplayeroftheworld (36633) Most Clan Coins (one round): druss (33252) Most Titan Tickets (one round):epicspeedster (557) Most Inventory Slots: CleverName (1000) Most Legendary/Mythical/Divine Items: CleverName (657) Most Arena Coins: DarkJailu (12959) Special Most Damage Titan (3 battles): druss33 (639,890) Most Damage Titan (single shot): Ricemech88 (3135) Most Turns (battle): Atusiff / liam36287 (1767) Most Premium Packs/Boxes Opening In a Row: CleverName (50 Packs / 250 Boxes) Most Premium Packs/Boxes Opened Total:CleverName (3250 Packs / 16250 Boxes) Most Platinum Platings: CleverName (25) Highest Score Clan War: Invicktus (5183) Miscellaneous List of GOAT Winners: Grosbite Splatter Wepwawet Z Particle Ricemech88 [SG] Black Goat Killer List of FOAT Winners CleverName (3v3) REVERZE (1v1) Forum (Old) Most Likes Received: WinzKay (24,797) Most Likes Given: rc1 (35,226) Most Votes in One Poll: Nemesis9 (323) Disclaimer: Unfortunately, the function that enabled other users to edit the topic in the old forum does not exist in this forum, thus temporarily pausing the continuation of this project. If I am just blind and unable to locate the buttons that lead me to open up the topic for others to edit, then please let me know. Otherwise, you will have to wait until the update that allows this function to exist appears in the meantime. This was last edited on 28/02/2021. All records are of times before this date so please do not be offended if your new record is not showing up on this list. Thanks once again, WinzKay.
  3. Just a small flex to keep the thread going
  4. I just wanna say, what a traumatic picture this is Anyone else getting PTSD????
  5. BIH YAH

    1. Atusiff


      I was notified of this

    2. WinzKay


      Perfect, I plan to do more

  6. Yeah that's just unfortunate mis-sync. Not much anyone can do about it. The timer countdown on your screen will slightly vary from the universal clock that the game server is running on. Your game and the server only syncs/reconnects whenever you go to campaign -> clan/arena or vice versa + whatever other combinations of tabs there are. The important thing is that the server clock has the 'final say'. And as clevername said, it's around ~:30 of whatever timezone you are in plus whatever standard deviation your own clock is running on compared to the servers.
  7. My concept design from a looooong time ago. That platinum shield does look pretty hot tho even to this day
  8. Dedicated to my good friend Transcendent: I present you "Transcendent" (It got in the game!!!!)
  9. Let's leave 2020 behind us and wish for a solid, not heartbreaking 2021. The REAL start of the decade. Edit/merged comment: oh I didn't know wepwawet made one I thought NZ was one of the first countries to reach the New Years
  10. WinzKay


    Shame on those people who WILLINGLY clicked on this thread to get rickrolled, must be idiots or something.
  11. Another one for the Veterans Who remembers Syn Cole
  12. You have my permission. Thank you for officially notifying me. Have a safe break. SM School starts up again in 2 weeks.
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