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  1. all the legendary drops from the offer more flexes
  2. Thanks for watching! And thanks for 100 subs! It means a lot to me
  3. A bit off topic, but I would switch the abomination with the heat bomb on the first mech and put a magma recoiler on the second instead of abomination Haven't flexed something in a while so here's a few first time for alt
  4. Dual magma almost ready The only good pack from yesterday's offer some good box drops
  5. Thanks for watching! It's a very short video but I hope you enjoy!
  6. 40 mi gold I could completly max all three of my mechs if I wanted, but making rares into epics into myth food would be super boring Arena box Funny thing is I have this item on my 2 other accounts, highly coincidental. Same thing with a few L-Ms on my main and alt. Its strange
  7. this is going to make a pretty op third mech
  8. Since the en buff is soon, I would think maybe the current en meta would become the best build in the game
  9. just the item too for me to finish this dual magma build
  10. tonto fires every turn if you're in range, and you pretty much always use it, I would myth tonto first
  11. Pyra still plays on his main sometimes, just not much, he mostly has copilots for his main, however he gave this acc to me
  12. fully maxed first mech, beautiful except the charge, ignore that
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