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  1. Inspiration : Okidoki i thought i can do the same Post my progress on my way to rank 5!
  2. What is that? Did u get it?
  3. You could downgrade ur useless mythics. Get it?
  4. Hey im an impulsive premboxopener but i allways get lucky with them. got claw, plat the last 2 weeks and even more leggies from them.
  5. Hey guys... Pls stay on topic. You have only been showcasing ur mechs and saying that corrupt and malice is annoying. This is a thread about buffing weapons and balancing.
  6. @Berosanakoyar You should pay more attention to the brutally weak weapons like purifier. They need a buff immediatelly.
  7. A lot of weapons are very bad in this game. Some good examples are purifier, archimonde, rolling beasts and stormweaver since they are completelly useless in this game. I hope this thread will help devs and gato games balance the weapons and fix the game. everyone type your opinions down below.
  8. free fortune op. My second legendary free fortune in a row.
  9. Hey im interested of this. Im tired of losing the portal due to a stupid bot using the repulsers the entire time.
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