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  1. i got lucky since they disabled mine very the same day i got the request..
  2. wow ur awesome. Also take note of this that daily fortuneboxes have a different droprate pattern than regular ones. i usually get legendaries from them every 3 free fortune box in the shop. So 1/3 procent chance in getting a legendary from them. for me at least.
  3. This is kinda bad. Never myth food l-m unless u have copies of them as backup if u need them later.
  4. it depends... but would rather use rolling. Rolling is bad. Use massive stone feet instead. They are much better.
  5. Ok sure Now i will start to post progress:
  6. Brightroar vs lightning slicer heronmark vs basalt slicer seraph blade vs rock polisher
  7. MUDA! MUDA! MUDA! by-Dio
  8. Nope i rather have this portal. It gives much better token rewards. @Nefertary Meriten-Mut Hard and easy combined give more tokens than the easy one with all the difficulties combined.
  9. Yes the portal was insanelly hard. I doubt even a rank 1 can hardly beat the lv. Spamming the revive button.
  10. By melting by the kryptonite of chocolate... The sun...
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