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  1. The only thing i can think of is drawing on paper. I got none Pc so is drawing also allowed. Otherwise someone here can recommend a website suitable for editing. (I cant download apps)
  2. Complete silence... No jobs either.
  3. there has not been a portal for like 1,5 months. They arent balancing either. They aernt doing what they promised us to do.
  4. Their not doing anything with the game. They have like just given up with it since they dont actually care. I doubt its gonna happen.
  5. You realize that it was years ago. I already got my base removed. Even though i still enabled it back lmao.
  6. This will remove all the inactive acc from the list. From the legacy times. If people get mad maybe a small compensation reward would fix it. But i think it would be good for the game long term. Otherwise we can let season resets affect inactive acc as well.
  7. @Jahy Sama Is it something bad? If it is you can only add its dmg. It has its cons and advantages.
  8. More doable for huggers. (heat drone)
  9. How about we onlytrade e-m lol not l-m
  10. So @TritiumThermonuclearBomb you mean that I would trade my stormweaver for terrorblade. Trade purifier for sorrow... A shit here we go again.
  11. Well that i know. But how about the weapon/drone choices and are the mod placements good?
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