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  1. Sorry to hear. Please avoid using multiple accounts. Or via email: support@gatogames.com Contact: https://community.supermechs.com/contact
  2. Locking this until we are mature enough to talk about clans without hurrying up hurricanes.
  3. Because it's not a fancy configurations file with a number you can just change and the magic happens, instead drops are set via massive JSON data that gets processed by hundreds of lines of undocumented overly-engineered code that no one knows for sure how it works anymore. It's not like Gato wants to hide it from you, much less like knowing the drops would make them drop more legendaries. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ To quote Alexander from a couple days ago: "I know how it works I think, but it still has some odd behaviors E.g. I dont know why it sometimes doesnt give a premium paint if its listed as an extra item"
  4. Welcome to internet, the place where anyone can be whatever they want.
  5. Day 9999999 of asking for a button to dismount the entire mech
  6. There's a big attitude contrast between "What is gato working on at the moment?" and "GATO IS NOT DOING ANYTHING, MONEY LEECHS", pro-tip: the first option works better. So, I will start this pointing that TacticSoft was killing the game, sold it with a load of cheats working, some cheats exist for years and they did nothing about it, didn't even ban anyone, not even to mention the fact that the game simply stopped working for hours 2-3 times per week, multiple more issues down the list and they were doing nothing about it and didn't even comunicate with the players anymore, it's massive. Gato ran a handful of banwaves, banned thousands of players and more and more waves are coming until we have the fix for these damn cheats, the game doesn't stop working for hours anymore, if some part of it stops, it is back up in minutes (most of you didn't even notice this improvement), many other improvements done. I can blame Gato for underdelivering relative to their promises time-wise, I blame them for not looking deeper into what product they were buying from TacticSoft and being too optimistic about it. I'm still thankful as a player though, they have done in a couple months more than TacticSoft did in their last 2 years, and what TacticSoft did in the last 3 or 4 was mostly updates to slow down player progress, and by the way, there was a fraction of the amount of topics ranting about it as we have here, people simply didn't care at all. I bet Alex would love if they bought the game with that few players as you imply, lol, get paid the same and work on a simpler product. There are <1k on each arena server on purpose, while +90% don't play arena at all, the game starts distributing the players into more servers to avoid slow downs or issues similar to when we had 250 tokens special quest. We have millions of monthly active players, the playerbase have been growing for a while. _______________ You can ask me that sort of thing and I will help with what I know, this way you have some base to work on to make proper arguments against Gato, it's not the first time I'm saying this.
  7. Another reputation farming topic, yay.
  8. Zarkares is worse than Windigo in pretty much every way, and Nightmare is so much better, Zark is obsolete, not really a good deal for anyone.
  9. The system didn't fail, it was in the middle of an update. Flag your duplicate posts and I'll handle them.
  10. A simple tool where you can check how long you will take to reach level 250. https://ctrl-raul.github.io/od6-grinder/
  11. You're already doing it the most efficient way. Some info: - You need 300.000.000 exp to reach level 250 - OD6 gives 19.000 - You need nearly 15.800 runs on OD6 to reach level 250 - That will cost +110.500 fuel, and assuming each run will take 2 minutes on average it will take over 525 hours of farming, if you farm 4 hours per day, you will reach level 250 in around 130 days That doesn't consider exp events or exp you get from arena battles of course, which don't really make a huge difference. Every player who reached level 250 did farm campaign extensively at some point. I'll make a simple website to tell how much you need to farm, based on your level and etc...
  12. That usually happens if you login with both accounts in the same device, and by the name in the greet, I assume one of the accounts is linked to facebook, which gives a numeric name to accounts. Contact the administration at this page: https://community.supermechs.com/contact/
  13. I'm fond of the idea of adding infinite levels using an equation to know the exp necessary to level up and making most of the leveling up rewards procedurally generated, except for some marks like 100, 250, 500, and etc...
  14. 2 to 3 years ago TacticSoft made it so only items that reach mythical can show up in boxes, this was way before relics existed. They implemented it in a way that took a senior developer weeks to figure out :') Edit: Nevermind lol, they just made it so it doesn't drop useless epics, good old TacticSoft.
  15. If another topic on this matter is created I'll have to act on the creator of it.
  16. It's not a feature, just a graphic bug really. Might still happen to someone, probably also depends on quality.
  17. They changed it so packs only drop items that do reach mythical iirc
  18. What game engine are you using?
  19. Each stronger boss mission have _very slight_ better chances of giving a fortune than the previous, it barely matters... Can't remember if difficulty does affect it, I think it does but would have to ask Alex. Also unsure if 2v2 and 3v3 have better drops than 1v1, if they have it's probably minimal too.
  20. Might be just me, but doesn't adding new items just for the sake of adding new items kind of helps top players more than anyone else? And only makes it harder to get the current items, since once a new item is added, you can now get it instead of a desired combined module or such. Anyway, Alex recently talked about the plans for the game in the Discord server, the game is being prepared to have it's infrastructure completely changed (like they did to BattleDawn, which is much more stable and fast now), just so Gato can make updates at all. TacticSoft used so many tools that simply don't work for some mobile stores anymore due Flash's deprecation. This change needs to happen before we can have new updates, new items, new pretty much anything. Patience people, if Gato didn't buy the game, the situation would be much worse, I'm saying this as a player.
  21. Wat, in my newbie account I even find people with maxed mechs, it's barely playable due smurfs.
  22. The people I've met, the only reason I even access the forum at all is because I made some friends here, but mostly on Discord.
  23. It's definitely fine, I think the concerns would start if you wanted to make it a product.
  24. I always felt like it's more fun to play in a newbie account, progress is much faster and everything doesn't cost hours of grinding...
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