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  1. Just download Spotify 4Head. It costs like 5-10MB as long as u have an internet connection.
  2. Yes, but the tips area is incomplete, the same item type works as well.
  3. It is these 3 things that give extra power: Items of the same category (torsos, legs, side weapons, etc...) give a 10% boosting bonus. Items of the same element (Heat, Energy, Physical) give 10% more boost. Powerkits give 10% more boost when upgrading another power kit.
  4. This is the very reason it can never be implemented, trading with alt-accounts. There is no possibility to stop players from trading with alts, so if players just make lots of alt accounts they can have the best stuff on one account in just a few days 'playing'
  5. The weight is fine as is, no change is needed. 1500kg equals not having weight in the game as you can't, or maybe barely, reach it. You don't need yo use all weapon slots for a good functional mech, I'd recommend using 4-5 slots.
  6. Base was added so that boxes like these could be removed. And if you want to have them both, base willbe useless except for the goldmines as these boxes are ridiculously cheap, and the droprates are very high.
  7. Gato already has complete control, but the thing is that the coding TS made for the game is very scuffed.
  8. Push and Blowback you are talking about I think. they both have 1-3 range, but Push has 4 knockback, and Blowback has 5.
  9. The teleporters cost way more energy, around 40-60 in some cases. So that is a big drawback Legacy repulsors cost energy, and only have 3 range with 4-5 push. This gives the same effect as an advanced repulsor at range 2-4 or an epic repulsor at range 2-4 So as you can see, every low weight and good use legacy weapon has big drawbacks which balance them.
  10. There shouldn't be done anything to them, and just leave them as is. Legacy weapons only give an advantage in utility, not in damage or anything else. People who saved their Legacy weapons, or came back to the game later on are lucky for having kept them. They don't have a real advantage by using Legacy items from rank 10 onwards with the exception of about 5 items.
  11. OBS is one of the best and highest quality recording software (way better than Bandicam). It is completely free and pretty easy in use. It is only for PC tho To make thumbnails you'll need image editing software. No recording software has the option to create thumbnails. I can also recommend to download videi editing software so that you can cut your videos, and add effects to them. The best option dor this is Davinci Resolve by BlackMagic Design. Hope this helped
  12. Cool, what type of badges are there, how is one able to get them?
  13. It was a bug, it happens sometimes. Nothing you can really do about it.
  14. So because a build can't reach rank 1 it is dead? Seems kinda exaggerated to me but ok.
  15. Scope builds can easily reach rank 1-3 with good mod setups. I don't know what you are talking about. So I am really curious to know what your experience is, and in what ranks that was.
  16. Zylok

    use of emp?

    To be able to use a maxed EMP efficiently you need about 600 cap with about 350 regen if you play against heat/physical mech types. If you play against energy mechs it would be better to have 650 cap with about 400 regen. This will require you to sacrifice either hp or resistances though. If you are about rank 15-5 a fully functionel energy mech with EMP can easily dominate the opponents as they have low regeneration until about rank 5-6 Hope this was helpfull enough
  17. It is hard to get opponents in the correct range as those weapons don't have lots of uses. I am fairly certain that most people will prefer a 300 damage shot every turn, than a 550 shot that might happen every 2 turns.
  18. I think these drones would be useless as other drones will do much more damage over 3 turns (most of the times). And getting in range is like once or twice per match.
  19. Zylok

    GTA V

    Within 5 seconds of the wr on most map, lets keep it at that.
  20. Zylok

    GTA V

    Anyone that plays gta v regularly? I'm wondering if there are more gta v players on this forum than just me. I only still play races really, and am in a semi-pro racing crew that has some world records on its name on Rockstar verified tracks. Interested? Just reply here.
  21. It's an epic item, you can get it in premium boxes, fortune boxes, silver boxes and from base
  22. You can't acquire USA Mark I anymore, you can, however, get Windigo which is the same sprite except for the colors.
  23. Zylok

    Log in bug?

    It's most likely that someone else made an account with the same credentials, and has overwritten your account data.
  24. There's a player by the name 'Mary Poppins Yall' with 3 energy mechs in their lineup. They reach rank 2-3 every season.
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