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Exclusive Limited Time Offer

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This offer is for players who need an Arena upgrade. If they made an offer of legendary relics to divinize, it would not seem so bad to you.

I kind of enjoy misinformation being spread, in a sick way, but occasionally I need to get over my enjoyment and correct it.    E.g. when 6670 tokens on box values + 2 decent modules for 400

I bought the offer. I would have bought it without the premium packs even. those modules are OP ASFFFFFFFFFFFF   anyways, gonna get opening some packs   expect an auto-merged multi

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54 minutes ago, Fordekash said:

I got the offer today. It was totally worth the 2k tokens!

I do appreciate Gato games putting on their A game to engage the players!

Don't know if this is sarcasm or not...

I actually discovered that the old way to get free "credits" old tokens was to join the bd news letter and after trying to do so and failing many time I realized this was created in 2009(the site to do it)


Bring Back The Confetti!

"Like and follow it'll give me a better reputation" - Spam

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21 minutes ago, Shared-NW said:

new one.


In terms of what you get and the price.... In comparison to buying the composite items this is a good deal.... For me it's a lot of money.... Its also annoying it's cheaper to buy for US players! It's £52 in the UK! 

Because of that I won't be buying! 

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4 minutes ago, Soviet Union mech said:

Weird offer

If I can, I will buy the mech offer in 2020

Not this 😛

The offer change just a bit in cost so is better now than before in my opinion. The item it is been in sale at that price since I play the game. If I need the item I will get it sure if have the money for it and do not affect others things in life. In the short or long run it will be needed according current parts in the game. I play the game some set ups with them but also I play some others set ups without them. If you are short on money etc, you can skip this one since will come back time to time. 

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8 hours ago, rc said:

Good sale! I also liked the previous sale with the 15 premium packs was good.

I’m beginning to notice a trend here. There are a lot more $50 deals and 15-premium-packs sales.

With that said, I say goodbye to my precious... 💰💸

Nah, just farm and farm fortune boxes and pray crossing fingers then pull your hair out. 🤣

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14 minutes ago, Shared-NW said:

oh c'mon...


I bought it.  It was worth it.   Even if it had only premium packs, it was a discount, but then add arena coins.  Those clan coins became an epic power kit.

"Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."

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Where were these sales when I was dying on arena coins! 😵

Meaning, during the Tacticsoft era, these sales were few and far between. Back then, maxing the arena shop took ages. 🐢

With Alexander at the helm, I’m seeing more of this type of sales as well. The new players got it good! 🎉

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offer is good. Like I said before, offers like this can help progress in arena of course later will think back when all is max out and accumulating coins without use but still important at early stage to handle better stability at rank. 

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