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  1. In the long long ago. Before you could upgrade items. Before there was boxes or packs. We had a store where you chose the items you bought. Premium items were only available for cash purchase. i was a top 10 player back then. I don’t remember the names of the others. what I do remember is after the upgrade system was put in place “thebestplayeroftheworld” became number one within weeks and stayed there for a very long time. later in time “clevername” took the top spot and also kept it for years. both cool people who shared wisdom and tried to make everyone better at the game!
  2. Yes it is mandatory to have. Congratulations
  3. Fordekash

    Need Tips

    To beat the campaign you will need to build energy or heat mech. I think heat mechs are most effective in the long run. regardless of mech type my tip is to enjoy the process of upgrading your items and progressing in the game. think of the game as something you play for years not months!
  4. I figured I’d be fair and say thanks to gato for fixing the server crashing issues.
  5. lol prepare for an mod to comment something stupid trying to belittle you for stating facts
  6. Check out position 8-10 on the leaderboard this week! Probably the best sub level 40 players in the history of the game! And they all are present at this moment in time! Bravo guys!
  7. If you think your comment was helpful you have the the reasoning skills of a … fill in the blank.
  8. Can’t fix the constant crashing of the game. wont acknowledge or address the customers about the game crashing consistently. got time to delete posts about the game consistently crashing… Priorities = a joke. Booo! Booo!
  9. I’m guessing that dude probably move on to a government job by now?
  10. Once you get everything maxed there is an option to disable…..
  11. Drop those resistance mods and replace with two energy engines and a heat engine. resistance mods are not worth it unless they are L-M
  12. Fordekash

    Setup 1-10

    Do you have a charge engine on there already? It’s cool how it is if so. Other just keep maxing items and wait for the yellow jump weapon up top. Heck may be good to just leave as is until you get heavier premium mods to use and then drop sac cannons. Work on a second mech in the meantime. But for real a mythical drainer will be perfect
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