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  1. Lol I just imagined you with a thousand windows open like the matrix or something!
  2. What if Alexander actually plays for the computer in all the campaign battles and there is no AI in the game?
  3. Windigo for physical builds
  4. Noble Warriors is such a nice group of players. Everyone is very positive and supportive of each other. I have learned so much from them and am truly honored to be in the clan!
  5. I’m serious about trying workshop unlimited. It really gives you the feel of the legacy game. You just select your items and try out builds in the arena. No upgrades, no farming. It was more fun to build but lacked tons of other aspects of the current game.
  6. I think this was a good deal and certainly seems like the best foot forward from Gato Games. Heck I’d spend some cash if the right deal comes along!
  7. Ok today’s event was killer @Alexander! im glad I reserved judgment. I did buy the deal and will certainly be willing to support the new management moving forward!
  8. I’ll reserve judgment for the month. They still have plenty of time to make a lasting impression!
  9. I’ll be grateful for the bump in pay. my expectations have been calibrated. I was anticipating a day one kick off we would all remember.
  10. Keep it. There is nothing like it I. The game so it has it’s place in some fun builds
  11. My rule is that the item has to be on my wish list for me to spend tokens on it. so I personally passed on this one because I didn’t have a build for it in mind. but if you want it and have the tokens already it seems like a good deal. as far as it covering 2-4 hole it does work well but is more of a damage weapon not drainer
  12. My expos if you play for less and one hour a day the base rocks. If you can play for more than one hour a day silver box is probably the better choice.
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