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  1. I’d like them to bring all those items back and let us buy them from the store like we could back when they were active
  2. I got the offer today. It was the best one yet. Tons of great L-M items!!! thank you very much gato!
  3. Can we expect a rebalance anytime soon? Anyone care to speculate on when and what we can expect?
  4. I was able to beat the insane mode. I died the first time and adjusted my build then had to revive twice. Aside from raid it was the hardest thing I have seen. I assume They test these things to make sure it is beatable and wouldn’t give us an impossible task for the purpose of draining a few tokens. In addition to the gold portal consider all the easy quest that Gato gives us such a five arena wins or destroy 70 structures that pay out 100 tokens
  5. Awesome deal! I bought $20 in tokens to get it. Given all the good will that Gato Games has shown I’m very happy to spend some cash for items I want. Keep up the great work Gato and thank you!
  6. Well good news is they are all definitely gone today so someone is taking care of the problem!
  7. Seems to be a bug that resulted in players getting more than the maximum allowable points in raid?
  8. I got the offer today. It was totally worth the 2k tokens! I do appreciate Gato games putting on their A game to engage the players!
  9. Hello everyone! I just moved over to Noble Warriors 2, to help lead the clan. I am R5-3 and we have people at the lowest rank! Noble Warriors 2 is a friendly, informative, low pressure environment. If this is what you are looking for we have room for you!
  10. I would love if I could just hit go and it would play the level until I ran out of fuel! As for the AI in battle I think it would be hard to improve what we have. I try to map out the logic to make it better but with all the variables I think the current AI is pretty well tuned.
  11. Dam that was way worth it!!! Congratulations! Nefertary are you also going to but the deal? You seem pretty excited about it!
  12. Must mean you are pretty darn good man! Congratulations!
  13. Let us know what you get in the boxes?
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