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  1. It will take forever... Anyway... 1-150 is easy. Can do that in a week. 151-200 is a long road. Then 201-215, I think maybe 205 forgot. Well anyway It is a long road. You need determination.
  2. False...Though I knew a guy who said he put Tapatio on everything he ate... Next person has a DOLLAR to spare....
  3. False..... Wish I could... Next person is eating Flaming Hot Cheetos
  4. JamAnime

    F2P Players

    If you are referring to the lvl they drop like crazy, then it was in lvl 70 for me. Any mission I did, I would get FBs. Once out of 70, they stopped.
  5. JamAnime

    F2P Players

    I remember last boss in insane 1v1, the drop of Fortune Box is good.
  6. JamAnime

    F2P Players

    That might come in Holloween. Special item portal. Those come around Holidays, special Days
  7. What happen was that you were asked do you want to activate the base or not. You didn't what was going on and activated it. That ended up taking away the silver boxes. Yes you can request it here in the forum. takes a while.
  8. JamAnime

    F2P Players

    So, I just ask doki a simple question, when was his account or accounts made? And most were made in 2019 and beginning 2020. Opening one today is more time consuming. First you have base. That slows you down. Second no item portals. Meaning the rate of getting an epic is very slim Now. When a new item portal came, you also would get a lot of epic items. For noobs, it is more time consuming, though do able. So, making a new account, you have to keep the base to craft those epic items. Depending on how old your acct is, it depends
  9. I read previous post about portals, and some were really just talking about bringing back portals with new Items. If I miss something, than sorry on the old ones. Since Alex is not really bringing new items, atm. Then he should add an item portal. Items that already exist. To be specific, a certain item. For instance, maybe a Nemo portal, or Annihilation portal, or some item that already exist in the game. I'm referring to items that go all the way to mythical. Maybe once in a while a Legendary one. Maybe have a Flaming Hammer portal. Now the bad thing that should be replace is getting crappy stuff with that item. Make it a portal with chance of that specific item and Chance of a Gold Chest of maybe 10k - 30k gold, And some Upgrade Kits Common-Epic. So Example: a portal for a Desolation. So say the chances of getting the Deso: - Deso is 20% - 30k Gold Chest 5% - 20k Gold Chest 10% - 10k GC is 15% - Epic Up Kit is 5% - Rare Kit 15% - Common Kit 30% This is what the reward the portal will provide. Also, regarding tokens for this portal, make it 5 on each Normal, hard, and insane. If it was added every week or two weeks then No Tokens Needed. It really does not need to have 3 lvls. Maybe make it one portal lvl that is Hard. That Simple...
  10. JamAnime

    F2P Players

    Chances are the same as a p2w, yet more dedication for a f2p. Like @Zylok mention that it can take a year, or faster depending how dedicated you are. I have two accounts also. One a p2w and the other a f2p. The f2p is a rank 5-3. If I had stop playing, it be a rank 1 by now. Like many know that I stop playing full. I only do certain things when bored. I do play in 1v1 week. Still, not fully active like I was before.
  11. Hmmm.................. There, I said that word....
  12. but BATMAN had the Kryptonite before....
  13. It actually was an awesome deal. It was not only the 3 torsos. Other stuff came with it.
  14. That were falling from the sky...
  15. Every Queen Understands In Various Association Levels Every Needed Time I might not be making sense, though I sure many know what is going on in my replies....
  16. Keep that Heronmark. That is a keeper. Even two is great.
  17. It was a one time offer, Just a design was different. To get those Mohawk Torso, that costed $$$ or was it tokens. Oh well that was long ago. Don't remember. Anyway, there was also one that had the same Stats as Zakaras different design, yet it got edited in stats.
  18. JamAnime


    Welcome.... Enjoy the forum.... Hmm...I'm thinking it will be .No.....
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