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  1. I bought it. It was worth it. Even if it had only premium packs, it was a discount, but then add arena coins. Those clan coins became an epic power kit.
  2. Thanks everyone but please remember that this is not a flex thread. I'm basically doing a public experiment on 40 premium pack openings. When I get to 40, I'll release the results.
  3. In terms of staying rank 5, I'm definitely killing it! lol Some of those were overdue. But a lot of my items were on the verge of being max'd. Which is why I tell people that if I didn't like painting my mechs on my main, they'd be surprised at how many of my items were not max-myth black. Basically, I made rank 5 with only these items max'd: torsos and legs, distance shredder, mercy, and superb charge. Everything else was between 30 and 40 level myth when I made rank 5 the first time.
  4. 1) Who has it doesn't matter. 2) Not very remote to me: I got one on the day the defense matrix deal came out, and then in premium packs on the same day i got two more. Maybe it's a fluke, but without any scientific evidence (i.e. you interviewed 40 different players and asked them if they have a defense matrix), I can't agree.
  5. I would like to say, though, I appreciate you following the poll format. Good job posting!
  6. SawzAll: after the reciprocating saw. TableSaw: after another type of carpentry saw.
  7. That was directly from a rank 1 player on the balance team in a discussion we had on discord. Don't like it? Go on there and argue it with them, not me. And besides which, using methods to keep them from firing both frantics in one turn still cuts down on the damage and still works for me. (The other idea they suggested was have 170+ phys res.) Maybe, but it's the best we have for that. What, do you think everyone has two divine frantics and a divine claw lying around? WU isn't perfect, but it's a lot better than just a random opinion. What does that have to do
  8. I can agree with you: people shouldn't be insulting. However, at the same time, people shouldn't think that because they don't like a weapon, it must be nerfed. That's a very self-centered and selfish way to think. Insults aside, he's right. If you're scared of heat bomb, I'd be willing to wager it's because your heat stats need to be upgraded.
  9. The way to improve it is to replace Sith torso with a better torso.
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