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  1. Additional info: after talking to someone on discord, they suggested that having 80 regen damage and then Anguish being buffed to 15 regen damage (from 10) might make energy regen damage a viable build.
  2. All, understand that this one weapon, even if approved, will NOT fix energy. That's not my point. It could possibly help, but it will take a lot more than this weapon to fix energy. Also, please stop with the off-topic banter so that this thread can remain mostly clear for evaluation purposes. I'd rather, if Alex HAPPENS to read this, he not have to dig through spam.
  3. I don't think Alex owes us drop rate data, however. That wasn't mainly what the user was up to in this post or on discord. But whatever.
  4. But the point was this person was basically krapping on Alex in discord. First, I don't think Alex owes us drop rates. But second, even if not, the overall complaint from this user was that Alex doesn't keep his promises, and so I provided evidence (that deal) that Alex does. So please forgive the drama, and if you want, you can delete this reply if you want (admins).
  5. You missed this deal recently. In my opinion, this is your answer. Maybe you just missed this offer. This was basically offering premium packs at 133 tokens each: more than half off.
  6. You're the one getting bent out of shape on this, not me. You don't know the future. Your "proof" was not proof, it was an opinion, and it simply wasn't compelling. And then you proceeded to say that I am the one that needs to be quiet. If I'm the jerk, why am I not the one who is telling people to be quiet? I've made it clear I want constructive criticism. Ask Max on discord: I am more than willing to accept constructive criticism. But that's not what you gave me. Then you proceeded to tell me to shut up. If your goal was for me to listen to you, why are you doing things tha
  7. I absolutely agree. My main follows the META, and so I'd love to buy Swoop today. But unfortunately I can't because I don't have the tokens saved up.
  8. Not to be a jerk, but you do not know the future. And because your comments have been nothing but "this will never work", I can't accept anything you're saying on the topic. I've already had two top ranked players say it could work, that it just needs its stats tweaked. Still, whatever. Vote accordingly.
  9. Yes, and I said so, because I wanted to start there. I'm rank 9 and wanted input of higher ranked players so that I could see if the proposal was good or not. So you're just basically repeating what I said in the first post. But so far one of my testers said we need to raise regen damage to 90. I'll attempt to test this later.
  10. This is build advice, not the general help channel. I would say Windigo is better for now.
  11. I know they're different but I still think it could work, and I have others who agree with me. So please stop telling me it can't work. It can. Tell me how to make it work. One recommendation I got so far is to increase regen damage to 90.
  12. If you want to join a clan where you're part of a family of warriors, please consider joining N0ble Warriors. Send me a private message. Our rules are no hacking and no smurfing, and "be involved" (35 wins/week, just your daily 5). No level requirements. As a side note, whoever znat51 is, please talk to me. I discuss things with people before I let them in the clan, and I don't recognize you.
  13. But you're not comparing them equally. Valiant Sniper doesn't do very much regen damage at all. (Arena buffs are off). As you can see, Valiant Sniper is much more about doing energy damage. (I'm only temporarily calling it Ice Dagger: we can change the name, I don't mind.) Clearly Ice Dagger is more about regen damage and resistance, just like Vandal. For example: I have both of these weapons on my heat boiler mech right now. Vandal isn't about doing tons of heat damage, and it's only one shot. Its job is sort of like a resistance drainer to armor, but instead it
  14. It's not a valiant either. Valiant does mainly energy damage. This would do mainly regen damage, similar to how you usually don't overheat people with vandal rage. Mainly what you're doing is damaging (with vandal) their cooling so they have a harder time preventing you from shutting them down. If you want, hit me up on discord, I can give you the WU config. I found it to be surprisingly effective, but I'd like more people to test it and tell me if it needs to be stronger or weaker.
  15. You don't know the future, so how can you say "no one would use this"? And if you think vandal does everything this would, then you didn't read the stats/topic. This is a proposed energy version. Everyone I know who has tested it in WU so far has said it would be great. But feel free to vote however you think you should.
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