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  1. I'm not saying it's necessary or not. I'm saying it's up to you. But deals are a more efficient way to spend your tokens, so yes, I would say if you can wait, you should wait.
  2. The deals Alex gives us are nearly always a discounted rate on premium packs ... AND on the other items he usually includes (gold, arena coins, quad cores, etc). It's up to you if you want to wait for them or not.
  3. SawzAll


    It is now, yes. Commons are < 1000 gold each in the base, and commons are the most efficient way to upgrade items. On days like today, where there's more fuel in the campaigns, farming campaigns generates enough gold to keep 3 factories running all day long building commons.
  4. Go to the Battle Dawn website and try to log in using your email and current game password. If you don't know the password, click lost password and go use your email to reset it.
  5. BLUF: When you build power kits in the factories, the chance of rare is 22.31% LONG STORY: Because I was bored, I decided to test the power kit chance of rare power kits. So me and 2 others from Noble Warriors ran some power kits to see what happened. The first 3 results that one person got were identical, but it was not an error. So I ran the numbers on all of the results (130) and it came out to 29 out of 130, or 22.31% I decided to test this, however, by including only one of the first three that were identical, just to test to see if this random chance would make a difference (i.e. whether, if I assumed it was a fluke and discarded them, if that changed the results). The result with the first two discarded was 21%, well within the 5% margin of error I would accept in random chance rolls. So there you have it. Thanks to @Marethryu and @AftoKrator for their help! Screenshots below. Our data points:
  6. No worries. I would be totally down with having a heat drone that pulls people in. Heat huggers could become even more scary.
  7. Um, what are we looking at?
  8. Um, the title says heat version of backstabber, not flame wave............ just sayin' ...
  9. But by that logic, Nightmare is better, just sayin'
  10. The players who've been playing since legacy are telling me otherwise. Me, I wasn't around so I don't know who to believe.
  11. Unless you nerf it so that adding movement to it don't make it over-powered. Because that's originally why they nerfed it to remove movement: it's overpowered.
  12. Yeah, it's not my image, and I agree: don't transform power kits, it's inefficient. Unless you just have nothing else better to do and feel like wasting gold.
  13. Not even. Also, this helpful image:
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