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  1. Alexander cares to fix things. He's not perfect but he's better than TactiSoft.
  2. First of all, are you against boosting? I won't judge how you reply. And right now, people who boost just reset their app to reset their ability to be matched. If you mean incorporating it into the server side, some people might get upset with that if it doesn't distinguish between ladder and non-ladder matches. It might be tricky. I'd still want it incorporated into the replay system. That way even if the system doesn't stop you from boosting, at least initially people can easily go look at people's replays and see whether they're boosting or not. I am no programmer, so I don't know which solution would be the easiest to implement.
  3. Maybe fix the replay system so that ALL arena fights are logged? That way if they're fighting boosting accounts, i.e. alts, everyone can see it?
  4. SawzAll is my main, and my "ambassador" to Reign. TableSaw is my alt and runs my clan. My clan mates are strong enough that I am able to do both. I am in Reign to learn things that I can use to improve my clan. A US soldier who is sent to work with NATO or the UN doesn't cease being a US soldier. And ironically we had someone join just today, so N0ble Warriors only keeps getting stronger.
  5. Ever had that feeling like you want something more from SuperMechs? Look no further. Noble Warriors is here. What sets us apart from some other clans is our commitment to doing what is right. Like knights of the old round table, we take a vow of chivalry. We pledge to not smurf, which exploits people in lower ranks. We don't hack. We also don't boost. We are committed to play fair. Our requirements: Rank: 10 through 1. Arena battles: just your 5 daily battles (or 35/week) Clan Wars: participation is mandatory. Titans: optional. Discord: mandatory that you join our discord so we can coordinate actions. Pledge to not hack, smurf, or boost. Message me if you're interested. By the way, our clan is spelled "n0ble warriors" i.e. N-ZERO-B-L-E W-A-R-R-I-O-R-S. I had to change the "o" in "noble" to a zero. PADAWAN CHANNEL: Now Noble Warriors is also hosting a padawan channel where you can learn how to play SuperMechs from us. Not rank 10 or higher? No problem, we're here for you. Message me if you're interested. You get to learn from top rank players. I can't guarantee they will be there, but our discord is home to @epicspeedster @ZeRo_ and even @Mechzilla.
  6. Ok, I get it, but really, I think the main reason energy mechs can be overpowered, or look that way, in low and mid ranks is because people tend to upgrade torsos, legs, and weapons before modules. Almost every time I've helped a newbie in low to mid ranks who is trying to get better, like their first time really asking these types of questions, almost every time their modules are horrible. And module upgrading is probably the most boring part of the game because, unlike weapons and torsos and such, you don't see the results as quickly. It's more visceral and exciting to hit someone with a heck of a lot more damage when you max out a weapon than it is to simply have higher heat/energy stats. So I don't think your conclusion that EMP being lightened would make energy mechs overpowered is entirely correct. I think it's more that they would seem overpowered, and only because of people's upgrade practices. Mine were the same way: torsos and weapons first. I didn't get out of mid ranks until I upgraded my modules.
  7. Yep and that's why it's considered dirty. And why it's yet one more thing the community wants changed. And you know why my clan is dedicated to not boosting.
  8. Why not? Are you saying it's impossible to run counters with combined modules?
  9. In warfare, when your enemy designs a better counter to your weapon (i.e. combined mods versus EMP), you improve your weapon to compensate. All of warfare science and warfare technology is ultimately power creep.
  10. Just like the title says: in your opinion, what is the best non-premium drone for a heat damage mech?
  11. NGL this is the first thing that came to mind.
  12. I'm not saying it's necessary or not. I'm saying it's up to you. But deals are a more efficient way to spend your tokens, so yes, I would say if you can wait, you should wait.
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