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  1. This is like a specific item deal. Specifically, it’s for mods. I consider these types of sales as regular sales. In my mind, anything that isn’t a noob sale or a new item sale is a regular sale since it’s the most frequent sale, even during the Tacticsoft era. Thanks to sales. I now have 2 Quad Core Booster, plus an Overload Preventor as a bonus. Too true, but I’m not saving my packs for a specific benefit. It’s only for food, nothing else, as I previously mentioned: Yup, I realize that. Not that I’m thinking about receiving new items from old pre
  2. I never thought any of Tacticsoft’s sales were bad. They tailored their sales to specific crowds (i.e, noob sales) or released new items. There was nothing to fix on Tacticsoft’s sales. I thought all their sales were great even the noob sales. As Alexander would say:
  3. Alexander, don’t take this the wrong way. I get the feeling you will. But my wallet doesn’t lie. Indeed, your sales are more expensive than Tacticsoft. This sale isn’t affordable at $70 once again. Max price for Tacticsoft’s sales are $50. And there’s more of this type of expensive, regular sales as I mentioned before, since there are no more noob sales and newly released item sales. I’ve 3891 tokens. As predicted, with the continued price of these sales, I’ve finally come short on tokens. I’m not at all surprised at my shortfall. I guess there’s a first time for everything. Tok
  4. Off topic: Although I’ve no interest in running a clan, I can understand the frustration leaders have to go thru to transfer leadership, so as to preserve the integrity of their clan. Gato should implement a ranking system in the clan. That way, a leader can assign leadership to the highest-ranking person when the leader leaves. It’ll mean less work for Gato in the long run since they wouldn’t have to manually assignment leadership for each clan. This feature should have been a basic feature in the game since the start. It’s a shame Tacticsoft didn’t make the time to include this bas
  5. Despite what you say, I think you’d love the SM Discord. There are so many action going on in there. Here, it’s already dead. Since the forum is dead now, I better help its demise as well. Actually, I’m hungry. I’m going to get something to eat soon, but first a rest. See you later!
  6. It probably would be like this forum.
  7. How nice, Dragon Slayer sacrificed his likes for me as well. That would explain my latest like content. I've no idea. This forum is strange.
  8. Google empty character. The first result will be your answer.
  9. It's a blank space character. Technically, I still have 3 characters, but only 2 will show. Hmm, thanks for the info!
  10. That’s an easy question to answer. Because the forum demanded I add a 3rd character; however, someone later showed me how to make it only 2 characters.
  11. Oh, nice! Dragon Slayer, that was nice of you to sacrifice your likes. On another note, the old forum was much more forgiving on likes. There was a higher amount of likes and likes refreshed faster. My personal favorite way to increase my likes on the old forum was to bookmark posts I liked, so I can add likes later. Sadly, there's no bookmark feature on this forum. How nice, my reaction came back, at least one.
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