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  1. I will always remember rc, i remember the time where either the old forum or some discord server impersonated him via pfp

    1. Zylok


      For may he rejoin this forum once again!

  2. You can try to make an official report with Alexander. Regardless, Alexander is aware of the problem. I can only wonder why he hasn’t done anything about the raid cheaters. Maybe, if there are enough raid cheaters, Alexander might do something.
  3. After waiting all these years, I never thought I'd get this lucky. And to think, I accidently opened a premium pack. Today was a good day to open a premium pack! It isn’t an Unstable Power Cell, but I’ll gladly take it. Now come to papa!
  4. Game is still fun. Otherwise, I wouldn’t play it. My goal is to hit rank 1. After that, I don’t know what I’ll do, maybe quit. Also, the carrot doesn’t help. I think that’s the bane for most gamers.
  5. Yeah, it’s too late for that. Tacticsoft already did. As people already mentioned, shields and healing drone are banned from raids and arena.
  6. rc

    In Memory Of

    In regards to a swimsuit worn in public, I think it’s a straightforward question, regardless of the context. If you want to take that position, that’s fine with me, considering what you discussed on SM Discord earlier. To be honest, I’m not interested in having a debate on here. If you didn’t make your comments on SM Discord, I wouldn’t have bothered to call you out.
  7. Interesting, this is the first time I saw mythical tokens. Oh boy, this sale is hard to decide on. I’m not ecstatic about spending $50 on either tokens or premium packs, or both in this case. However, I do like the maxed out legendary power unit and the transform relics. I feel the pain coming on for the next sale because I get the feeling it’ll cost a bunch of tokens... In hindsight, I think this is a good sale if anyone has the money for it.
  8. rc

    In Memory Of

    Hey, Windweaver! Long time no see.
  9. rc

    In Memory Of

    Did you even read my comments on the bikini ad? In regards to the bikini ad specifically, I ask you again is that considered suspension material? Feel free to answer those questions in PM if that’s what you want.
  10. rc

    In Memory Of

    My God! When I made this topic, I had no idea this topic would draw this much controversy among a very, very few people on the forum, who has negative comments on this topic. I didn’t intend for this topic to be about a debate. It’s merely a tribute to honor the fallen forum members. That’s all. Let me make myself 100% clear to everyone, so there’s no further misunderstanding in my meaning. When I mentioned those who got banned on the forum, I’m referring to those who were unjustly banned. Obviously, this doesn’t include people who actually deserve a ban. And another thing, it boggles my mind when people comment on a topic without reading everything that was discussed before joining a conversation. I highly encourage everyone to read what’s being discussed, and to ask questions if they need clarification. Speaking out of assumptions or ignorance isn’t a good premise to start a discussion. Case in point: Purific, if actually took the time to read what was discussed here, you’d have seen I mentioned the specific reason why I created this topic, as follows: Raul, does that justify a suspension? And what’s this talk about “prayer” and “moment of silence”? Obviously, this is something you guys think about when there’s a memorial. But this isn’t what I was thinking about. Once again, to be clear, it’s about honoring or showing respect, as noted in the video that I used to represent this topic: In that video, nowhere does it mention or show “moment of silence” or “prayer”. Sigh... I can be thankful that the current debate on here hasn’t devolved in the gutter. I can appreciate that, although I wish there wasn’t a debate occurring on here. I’ll say it again. This topic is merely to show tribute. It isn’t a debate about the theme of this topic.
  11. With this sale starting later than the norm, I was beginning to wonder if Alexander is still interested in making money. Well, finally, we’ve a guarantee sale. I see people predicted the Energy Fortress correctly for this sale. Later, I’ll add it to my collection of premium resist mods. Most of the premiums I’ve is due to sales. Now days, everyone and their dogs can have good premiums if they’ve the money for it. Who would have thought Tacticsoft would sale their moms. I remember in 2018, it was hell to get any good premiums. So, a lot of people would have unique builds built around any worthy premium items they have. Now days, I’m seeing a lot of people are able to copy entire builds because they’ve enough premium items to make a complete build. So, it’s not uncommon to see a lot of the same builds in the arena. We’ve come a long ways from the assorted, random builds back in the day to the highly specialized builds now days. Now we go vroom!
  12. I can’t blame you for thinking Alexander is working alone on SM. After all, it’s taking ages for a new item to be released. But I’ve to squish that rumor with this quote. As you can see from that quote, Alexander mentioned team, suggesting he isn’t working alone on SM. I remembered Alexander discussing more about his team on the old forum. But since the old forum is gone now, I can’t access that team info anymore. From what I remembered, Alexander mentioned 2 people working on SM and they’re time-sharing the development with Battle Dawn. You’d have to ask Alexander for the facts. Don’t quote me on this. My memory is sketchy. However, the part that Alexander has a team is solid info, at least from what I quoted him on. For some reason, I find that info questionable. Since I don’t know the facts, I can only question its validity. Alexander would know the details. I’m baffled why you need to go on rumors when you can easily ask Alexander for the facts on SM Discord. After all, he’s readily available on there.
  13. I want to make a correction. After looking at SJNiksZ’s video further, the drop rate isn’t that bad after all. That person got these premium items (legendary rarity items): Superb Charge Engine Rail Gun Lazy Falcon (questionable usage) Cockpit Piercer Hardened Platinum Vest (niche item) Explosive Retreat Whether all these items are useful premium items is debatable. I sincerely apologize for the inaccurate information. I should have paid more attention.
  14. Can I have some pizza, please! By the way, nice name, it’s very original.
  15. Bestplayer, thanks for referring that video. After watching that video, I want to burn my eyes out. The drop rate was bad. Oof! Eh, it’s not surprising considering it’s a food sale. That’s why I rather spend my money on something guarantee, like the guarantee sales.
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