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  1. i always use "report a cheater" form, not just expose on forum. This is why i'm so disappointed. totally agree. But this "hole" is very old and, at this point, idk if can be fixed.
  2. I'll be the devil's advocate. and if he had stocked dozens and dozens relic box? this is why i covered his/her name. but don't worry in six months or more someone will investigate or take action (maybe).
  3. what happened to you? do you plan to quit soon?
  4. this is my last post (and last report). it seems useless to report every day. after more than six months @Alexander can you do something? or, at least, just shut down server. This game is a joke and is a toy for all lamer.
  5. as no one seems to care about the raid anymore and since I can't update my post https://community.supermechs.com/topic/979-again-about-raid/page/8 i thought about make this poll enjoy
  6. meh (tips. tokens for gold are...) well, i can save tokens for something more useful.
  7. Tactisoft gone gato can do what he wants.
  8. totally agree! all legacy item must be removed from arena.
  9. GG for your hard work! btw, really, what's wrong with these people. why perma-ban of these cheaters takes all this time? hello? knock knock?
  10. one week clean, one week... here we go again.
  11. lucky sooner or later I'll have to start using them
  12. two more items that i don't know how to use
  13. how if net falls down? or if i restart the router? think seriously about solutions. Must act before to prevent the possibility of boosting or at least significantly reduce it.
  14. i'm an Alt and i have alts, but in all these years of play I have never fought against my alt. this means that only one player can't do it. In a legit way ofc.
  15. there is something wrong but ok, i like it
  16. the percentages are wrong, the box are correct. So if you win S+ box means you have won. anyhow, as oki said, clan war is bugged more or less since it started.
  17. really folks, what's your problem with that
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