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  1. yep. hes beaten my ass so many time, but also quit a large number of them
  2. yep, same person. this person actually has 3 max myth/divined mechs, and is just taking components off
  3. Dewahstator, is a r5 player who frequently drops down(smurfs) and beats the sht out of people.
  4. thanks besty also, one last question, do you remember me from the old forums? i... i have to say, i was a bit of a wild card over there, but i feel as though i have somewhat mellowed out. plus, i appreciate you responding and taking this so well @bestplayeroftheworld
  5. yes, because i havent posted any videos yet
  6. nope. my main is SavvySalmon, and its normally r7-8
  7. heh thanks, i fought u in arena on my alt, right? well, i dont have any vids yet so u wont find me lol
  8. heh, i understand it probably as well as most people do. but being a young'un probably has its disadvantages lol
  9. besty, now that you are (somewhat) back, would you like to quench the rumors that you either; died, got very sick, or banned?
  10. im hoping for a 2-day 4th of july portal, because whos gonna be playing SM on the 4th of july. im probably going to be playing the day before, and the day after. lol my birthday is the 11th
  11. aight. do you guys think i should do my main, my alt, or both
  12. hey y'all, we currently have 3 spots open and wee need r9-4 members, STAT. we are normally in the top 30, but because Guardian kicked 4 members, we are in the top 60.
  13. heh yeah no. im SavvySalmon i wish tho
  14. aight. i honestly dont care which clan you join because this one isnt my clan, but, you do you! pick a clan you would enjoy being in.
  15. thx persian. are you interested in joining the clan? coincidentally, we are in the top 60 clans, normally in the top 30.
  16. aight then. guys, what do you think i should post first, SM, or other games.
  17. bro why u posting a month later. dont revive dead topics
  18. :V so i immediately go into the video?
  19. hey y'all, i recently started a YT channel, and i was wondering if someone was experienced enough to know how to make an intro. i haven't posted any videos yes, if that's what you guys were wondering, but i will start posting on wednesday, hopefully. my channel is SavvyTheSalmon
  20. nah im happy, just.... i wish it was on my main instead.... plus, thats my second premium module it added 30 cooling on XD
  21. omg i fight dewahstator every fcking day and always lose (although there has been a few cases in which i almost win) but im sick and tired of fighting him (i know as a fact that they are a male, i have talked to a younger sibling of theirs)
  22. are you f*cking kidding me; 5th premium in the last week on my alt
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