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  1. Balanced. Not equal. There is a difference in those words. I disagree with that. Not gonna give into detail there. Once again I disagree, especially on the portal part. My portal build is a heat. Wins against portals. Totally disagree. Physical is great in just about anything.
  2. Wow.... @rc I thought you were gonna only buy specific item deals? Unless you had non of those 2 modules. Also, saving pp, does not really benefit. You will just have old items. I don't think they work for new items. If anything, you probably need to widen your inventory. About this offer, it is good. A way to get new people to think if to get it or not. That is the question. So, If I were a noob, I might get it. As for now, I would not. I already have those modules. I don't really like stacking up boxes. Now, typing this, gives me a new idea, yet to much negative on my
  3. Hmm...I will just say that this game is not to make the same exact build in each element. That would be boring. You have to be creative. What you are stating is like why not have every weapon be three types of weaponry. It don't work like that. We heat builders would like grenade launch, but not gonna happen. It make sense that energy are over weight weapons. It dominates in when your opponent looses all energy. Heat does not do that. Heat just over heats. So, you have a chance of cooling and using a weapon.
  4. It should not be in either accts. Once you enable base, you are supposed to loose silver boxes in shop.
  5. We need extra inventory space.... At-least 100...
  6. He was referring to me. lol Today was a great deal....
  7. Heck No... If you have 5 PFs, then don't bother.
  8. The list goes on, about the old one....
  9. Well, it was easier to follow every post and reply. That was the number one reason I liked it. This one I miss so many threads, that I happen to come across it a month later after it was made.
  10. 50??? Don't remember that many. Some days my likes would end fast. Though, I was clicking on "like" on basically every reply. lol Now it is rare that I like a reply to click "like."... lol
  11. If you are in the US and got your check, then why not. This is why I save f2p tokens.
  12. If I were anyone one person, I would take this offer. Especially those that don't have Platinum Fortress. I bought it with the remaining 2k tokens I had left. Awesome deal.
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