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  1. My memory sucks, so I might have replied the same thing if it was the old forum...
  2. That is too many of the same torso. You should have 3 at Max of the same, since there are only 3v3 battles. Waste of gold, items sacrifices, and other time. Though, you do what you want.
  3. JamAnime


    Base is good for old players. Silver Boxes is good for New players.
  4. The first and third one are great for auto in OD6 insane. They are also great for arena, depending on rank.
  5. That question says it. To be frank, if you touch life, you kill life. So, if you can't touch the one you love, yet are by them all the time and they are with you, how would you feel? This is base on an anime, this season. It makes me laugh.
  6. You shouldn't have to pay for fuel, period. It was the other way around when I first played SM. You needed fuel to do the arena, and no fuel in campaign. I think you got a max of 20 fuel. Then it reloaded 1 after so many minutes.
  7. How did I miss this. This one comes up a lot. I even posted so many in the old forum. There should be a ARENA SHOP Buy for the item slot. Like an extra 10 for every buy slots. Then price rises after each buy. High prices would be awesome also. lvl 1 = 2 lvl 2 = 4 lvl 3 = 8 .... lvl 11= 2048 Make that 110 after finish. Get some extra slots. Then in the titan shop, you also can buy slots for 10 for 1000 There is also more cons on limitation. Unlike Clever who upgrades using maxed items and rare legendary, other players like to save unused items, that have been Maxed out and rare legendary items that have not been maxed. That ads up little by little. You are basically forced to buy inventory slots with tokens, when you have items you don't want to get rid of.
  8. I disagree with this.... For beginners, if they start upping mines at the same time they are upping there mechs, they will just be wasting time. They should focus on the mechs. Up the mines and factories little by little. Beginners get so many items in the beginning. They even get campaign boxes. They can save and do missions and all. Wasting away gold for base is a slow down. Just farm for boxes and gold, and you will be fine. Upgrade your 1st mech. Then once you start your 2nd, then you can balance out base and builds.
  9. Yep... That is the best way, for a beginner. You get more gold in that mission, than any other, worth the right amount of fuel. Math out the difference your self, and you will see. For those that have 3 full mechs, there is another one better. Though, that one is in 3v3 campaign.
  10. Strike that.... We will just have to see... Did he stop playing SM, or is it just not active in forum?
  11. I take it that you are new. The best way to get a lot of gold and fuel use is to farm OD6 Insane(Overlords Den Mission 6). The best mech to use is a physical. Have HP 2k or over. With a physical, you can run on auto.
  12. Hmmm. I was thinking of Something Else. Each Clan Creates there own titan. Then they Go too Titan Clan War. Each Member gets one Shot of trying to eliminate the other clans titan, with there arena build or a custom build. Which ever clan does the most damage or eliminates the other clans titan first, wins. Each Member can help out in upping the clan titan. The titan uses no tokens in upgrading or getting weapons. Everything Cost Gold to build the titan. Like a Head Can cost From 5 - 20 Million Gold. Get 20 members to pitch in. Same as legs and the rest on the items. Upgrading also cost gold. Each Clan will have a bank Safe. Each member can help in donating gold for the titan. In doing so in donating, there can be a poll when deciding what item the clan should get. The ones that pitch in for the titan, get to vote. In the Beginning, each clan gets 25 million or more for a clan start. So, if you create a clan you get 25 - 50 million. Defeating the game titan also gives the clan money. Depending on the titan lvl and destroying it, the clan can get a lot of gold for the clan. Yep, another idea that is not going to happen. But, had to let it out.
  13. Pretty good that old players left and new player come and go. I'm just curious of anything new coming. Seem like nothing is atm. I play when I am really bored like crazy.
  14. GL Heat Version was the first. Then the physical and energy version was created.
  15. I'm gonna skip a lot of days, because I have been waiting forever for this one. Even in the TS forum. Day 999, waiting for Grenade Launcher to come back....
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