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  1. It is worth it. Like you replied, if you are willing to spend or have the $$$. I would probably have jumped at it if I was fully active. I'm not even barely 1% active in the game. I just check dailies, and if a special mission is worth it. That is about it.
  2. This is old news for old schooler players. Maybe not for the new players. This applies, to not all. There is also a time limit. You get 8 to 10 tokens every hour. Well, that is on my accts. Also, it takes too long. The online version was faster. You were able to get almost 80 a day, in just about 20 minutes. Basically every 24 hours. This is nothing compared to years ago when I was able to get over 500 tokens, just watching adds.
  3. Only 2 items worth it. All the rest, send them to the blender....
  4. Free to conjoin... You already sacrificing twice.
  5. Hmm........New idea..... If pack has all purple, there can be a button to conjoin them all for a full chance to get a random legendary. Now if only one legendary and four purple, you get an option to keep the pack or click conjoin for a chance for a guarantee Legendary-Myth item
  6. That is tooooooo much work, as it is. Costing more also.
  7. hello

    1. JamAnime



  8. I forgot the whole idea. It was laid out in detail...
  9. Reading this, too much work. My idea was way more simply, than this....No crafting tokens. They just came every hour. It was just like Gold Mines, except one token Mine. Each lvl, you got one token. Then there is the arena shop bonus. Only one token mine.
  10. I already posted this idea a while back. Don't remember if it was here or TS. Either way, it is not happening...
  11. I will just post here what is worth watching, base on 1st episode or during any season. Try to keep this going... Here is my take right now: The Heike Story Takt op.Destiny The Vampire Dies in No Time Tesla Note Moon, Laika, and the Bloodsucking Princess Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Season 2 Sakugan
  12. Reason why, damage is very high on a single shot weapon.
  13. You know what, I will post this here and flex for someone to steal this and make a thread. I don't play much, though I do check what goes on daily, for tokens. I try to do 1v1 week, when I feel like it. Now here is what someone can post, "Bring Back Shields in Special items" or better shields. Now enjoy this video...
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