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  1. Bof! price 80 euro already very salty in addition pack present no value no portal ,no new weapons, no change, arena extremely hard, it bored me a lot
  2. offer 40 dollars the impression it's a trap, I'm waiting for a new weapon and a big change
  3. this is a pc game, not released yet. game RTS ( real-time strategy ) Finally, something that was eagerly awaited and that was sorely lacking in the license will happen on these two games. Relic Entertainment announced during the Fan Preview the arrival of multiplayer campaigns in AoE II and AoE III. Unfortunately, we do not have any additional information on this subject. All games are available and will be available on Xbox Game Pass, Steam, and Windows Store. No price announced for AoE IV.
  4. not portal item since 2 or 3 months? may be more ?
  5. hi, you can join us if you want, we don't have any requirements at the moment
  6. against big boy insane, wow so easy lol
  7. portal gold bigboy insane shot me 1136 damage
  8. me too, very clear image, we can see the fight. may be up to 1000 soldiers and over a 5 hours of war. it's going to be complicated lol
  9. a little missed ... it reminds me of old torso , very low HP and rich resistant
  10. tomorrow portal new torso funky mystic- 338 kg - 1100 hp - 200 heat 50 reg - 200 energy -55 reg - 45 -45 -45 resist
  11. ah I remember cooling kit ... admin forgot to delete the cooling kit
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