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  1. I was unable to see you with a beer. Good mech. Swoop is good for some builds. It is come handy to have the drone post buff.
  2. Hi PeppCake Welcome to the forum. I hope you like the game. Also, you are not the only lady in the game. There are many around in the game and in the forum there some long term players and are pro-players top ones. Dwightx it is one of many game you tuber and he is one top pro-player in one of the top 2 spots every season. He also post his videos here. You can read and learn from many here. Members in this forum have different ages from very young and old enough to be grandparents. Players are at all levels of progress in the game from starters till players since 2012 or so. Generally speaking all members are cool people and sometimes the forum gets spicy with few comment that makes everyone write something taking their chest out. This forum it is a new forum for the last 8-9 months due to forum change after the new company GATO games took over from TF. Hope you like to play making robots. There are few ways to play and both are buying or as free to play. Any question can be addressed to the members at any time and some might answer. Enjoy your stay. If you are the lady at picture so I say Hi again.
  3. not easy . Ok report not including cash spent.
  4. nice. Divining parts practically took away the gold with 7 premium at 7 millions and 7 epics at 3.5millions with a total of 10.5millions leaving 1.7 millions to make myths of course grinding gave more to make those parts but a lot of gold hard to recover. Nice job.
  5. I remember those names .Congrats
  6. it is luck base but it is true in some ways what you said. Passing to R12 I remember stating to get more legends in all my accounts farming at some locations. Later on regardless I try my results are zero. Also I do not know if also grinding a lot do affect the grants. For example when I grind less I get more epics and when I grind all the time are common and rare parts and very very rare an epic. One time I decided to drain 900 unclaimed boxes and I was already at 200 from 900 and no epics and very small amount of rare basically pure common and then suddenly got power kits max out and semi max out on legends and full max at epic one after another and I wondered if the game was trying to compensate to get an average of what should. Weird. Yeah, with those power kits granted at unclaimed box from farming I maxed parts that you can see below
  7. nice. hard to read de las comment at END I even used those shorts back in the 70's and were even bigger. I hated them but had to use them at school by rule.
  8. Side weapon phys dual cannon long mid range maybe 3-5. single or dual shot no back fire. Arm breaker. Maybe top phys weapon. one shot per side same range half scope power but can be use one shot after another without wait for next round or use on intervals. Dual Blaster with small modification mech hand gun . Punk killer Hammer head recoil Just having fun. I think that the mech should activate the tale like in Godzilla when use mouth attack. Maybe rex last resort as even more powerful attack before die.
  9. The image design looks like the Rex have a hiding weapon in the mouth. Hmm.... Can be interesting not just the laser eyes but mouth attack.
  10. Hi Pilots How are you? I am fine thx for asking. Well, today I am adding account inventory as I did for OKI DOKI. My current plan is the same as OKI and I have been focus in grinding to increase gold reserves then craft power kits and max out parts at disposition. The process is been very slow to reach 60 millions but I have been increasing the numbers step by step for the last 6 months. I will keep farming a bit more I think for now. The account growth is been in the low side but I got few items "modules offers" in need but I do not remember the numbers but low. My current gold and tokens reserves. The base is idle and still the same without changes and no game plan to change for the time been. My little flags still growing My boxes reserves are low. I have been making some other parts. CAMPAIGN no changes. I just grind but not playing to finished. Today Rank box another let down. CURRENT INVENTORY; MYTHS-144 LEGENDS- 176 EPICS- 253 CHEERS
  11. OKI DOKI


    They say will take time but the owner is pro BASE. Oh well. Will keep waiting. They did it for many but now is like no time for it or hopping you stop to request.
  12. nice. that account is moving fast got it. yeah, farming is the way to go. sure people hate that but not me and is the way I can progress due to low pvp limited time.
  13. he have been doing this as far I remember for very long. Same at he previous forum.
  14. no rewards. just a fake title it is about people having some fun around like SPAM having an extra goal of fun things in the game like reach top spot first at forum.
  15. Ok, I am the forum only MENTOR. Don't do anything without my approval and till SPAM CEO give the green light for it.
  16. nice. GREAT JOB FOR THE COST OF "20MINUTES". BEST VALUE FOR FREE Yes. the $5-750 monthly pass is the one I think people use more in the game. You can mange the price even will takes few months to have enough tokens accumulating from daily, raid or else. If a free to play can get $5 deal in a year spending max $60 plus taxes and getting 9,000 tokens without braking the bank I think it is ok. Now, for some countries $5 in a month is pricy due to cost of living and salaries.
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