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  1. I've never watched football but I like watching football
  2. that sounds like an insanely long time to max something it only takes maybe a week for me to max something
  3. Why do the other kits even exist their useless you think that going into a insane level would mean you already have the stats to do it so why have the heat and energy kits instead of the useful repair kit only
  4. I think you should update they way you upgrade things to be more efficient it takes me maybe 4 to 5 days depending on the rarity
  5. got my first rank 7 box it kinda underwhelming but i like the relics
  6. this mech so stronk I even managed to beat 2 rank 3s and I was so close to beating rank 5s in chat this is one of the rank 3s i beat
  7. i changed nightfall with terror cry because nightfall doesn't really work with mighty canon and i put it on second mech and added lazy falcon onto it
  8. 70 packs and 10 mill coin with 4 qcb and 3000 arena coins
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