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  1. Most people in clan war have common sense, at least I think they do.
  2. Bio-Hazardous Scope Mythical Legendary Epic
  3. I don't have discord and don't really enjoy it, but thank you. Also I might have insomnia as I'm typing this at 12:27 am so there's also that.
  4. Exactly, now I won't blame you(though it was just a joke)
  5. okay This thickness good? Armored Devourers epic legendary mythical New Old
  6. That's what I thought. Devouring Armor Epic Legendary Mythical
  7. I think I saw some of those in the old forum, nicely done though. does this look better than the old one?
  8. I can't open the link, but they're probably as good as the first one.
  9. You are very good at drawing I'm looking forward to seeing those.
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