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  1. hello, and welcome to the forum!
  2. I linked workshop unlimited so you can use it. You don't need to be sorry not everyone knows these things.
  3. Use Workshop unlimited and you can show us all the mods, weapons, torso and legs in one screen shot.
  4. You can use screenshots to you know.
  5. True, none of them are really bad at anything, I should change that to worse or not as good.
  6. Take out the brute and use spartan. cooling and regen are to low, and battery armors are not a good torso. Seems good other than that.
  7. Well this game lacks science but yes. Energy is good in low ranks and portals, but worse at high ranks. Heat is good in campaign and low to high ranks, but is not as good at portals and mid ranks. Physical is good in arena and raid, but is worse than heat and energy at pretty much everything else.
  8. Happens to me on puffin to.
  9. False, I forgot the password to that account XD Next person remembers the old name for malice beam.
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