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  1. Rank 12 box is officially better than rank 10 boxes,
    Black lines help a lot, but other it's good, needs a little more blue though.
  2. That's pretty much it.
  3. It's in your own topic.
  4. False, if I don’t put a period I feel weird, Next person is well known.
  5. First off, you already asked what the email is and the ceo told you, second off, base take a forever to get disabled and is better than silver boxes, and third there are too many of these topics and saying the same thing over and over again is annoying. There’s also a very good chance that someone else has made a topic asking the same things you have, so just look around for it, if you can’t find then go to the q&a if you still can’t find it then you make a topic.
  6. It's really a simple idea, I just wonder why it hasn't happened yet.
  7. False, Next person will put a period at the end of their sentence. (Not aimed at anyone)
  8. Zarkares, it has better health and nightmare is harder to utilize.
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