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  1. It happens every year on the 17th of March and will happen again this year(hopefully).
  2. Spam

    Any clans

    If you are rank 15+ you can join 123 Pam.
  3. Max your mods, also you need more resistance and cooling.
  4. Short answer is farm arena and campaign for coins and spend them on items in base.
  5. I give it a 3/10, the items are good but they don't go well with each other. I would loose the physical weapons in favor of a multi-use 2-4 range weapon and the switch the legs with massive lava feet if come across a pair. If you could show modules and drone I could rate your mech easier.
  6. Heat is best for campaign energy is also good, but physical and energy work best for arena.
  7. Spam


  8. image_2023-03-11_213131867.thumb.png.0b8646c232664c83d64720f597f0f858.png

    This is why I don't like frantic brute.

  9. Backfire healing drone is best.
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