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Counting to 10000


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(0 does't have a prime factorisation).
Just an easy forum game.
Your post shall start with a number that matches the # of your reply in the topic.
No need to add anything interesting to your reply. It may only be the number and some blank text. The emphasis is on the counting.
Whoever does not adhere to these rules gets reported by me. Please just include the number at the beginning of your reply, it’s not that hard…

Please don’t delete your posts either. It will result in the reply counter and the numbers that we actually are being different. The main goal is to count in the replies 1-by-1.


This game was first started by me on the older forums and I decided to have fun with it here too. Hope you like it 🙂


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There is no flagging here, it's replaced by reporting. (see edit history)
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