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  1. Have you try grinding hard and insane difficulty?
  2. I can agree with that, 100K per days is alot. Imagine 1 month= 3.1M coin.
  3. Decreasing? Not really, just many of them not sign in yet... That was fact.
  4. I want purple paint for my rusty energy armor, so it look like Thanos .
  5. The title said everything my friend .
  6. That not premium pack, that drunk pack.
  7. Your main account active base and your alt account disable base right? The glitch re-copy you main account and send to you alt account, because it have no base. When you collected coin or craft item it disconnected, but don't worry it won't bring any harm to your device.
  8. Survival mode on portal sound legit.
  9. Claw is rare item, I only got 2. I recommended you using massive stone feet and hopefully get claw drop soon. It was more light and easy to drop.
  10. Finally my premium leg collection is complete.
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