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Exclusive Limited Time Offer

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This offer is for players who need an Arena upgrade. If they made an offer of legendary relics to divinize, it would not seem so bad to you.

I kind of enjoy misinformation being spread, in a sick way, but occasionally I need to get over my enjoyment and correct it.    E.g. when 6670 tokens on box values + 2 decent modules for 400

I bought the offer. I would have bought it without the premium packs even. those modules are OP ASFFFFFFFFFFFF   anyways, gonna get opening some packs   expect an auto-merged multi

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Ugh yeah I hate to spend all my tokens on these then next week is the item you really want... day is still young and it is calling my name. 

maybe I need some inspiration. Did anyone buy and care to share what goodies you got?

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On 2/21/2021 at 12:31 AM, NAME_NOT_FOUND said:

I rolled the dice and lost badly. Not a single decent L+. Ended with 12 myth foods. A complete waste.

Same here.  Nothing new, don't even think I got an L+ out of it but it was just buying garbage regardless.

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I didn't bother to get this deal.  And I'm out of my "game allowance money" until the 1st of March anyways 🙂 

I don't see that weapon being exclusive at all.  In fact, in my opinion it's one of the worst premiums.  But I'm only rank 9 so ...

"Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."

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Space invader

Burning shower


magma blast


Please make a offer with one or more of these weapons. I would greatly appreciate it it would be very helpful to have reinsurance in something you purchase. Me personally I would like a space invader but any of the other options would be just fine:D plzzzzz

PS: I would not mind if you could buy big and shrink modules separately for 100 tokens like legacy...

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