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  1. Gato are crap. Alex is a useless moron as are the game devs They never have issues on the taking your money portals or aspect of the game. They've allowed hackers and boosters to run the game... No medals won in the last few years mean anything! Games a joke like Gato This will be deleted don't worry
  2. 1 of the better deals in terms of boxes for tokens. Well over 50% more.... Up to you if you want to roll the dice and try your luck
  3. Depending on your luck on this one. It's a good offer. But maybe save for a 3,000 offer with an item you may actually need, such as quad core Depends on what you need for your account really.
  4. I only got 1 legendary ascention relic you're wrong. I got all purple on hard! Also you cannot grind it in my experience it only gives boxes the 1st 3 attempts.
  5. This is a good deal tbf. Although 3 fortresses is obviously the best for top players. For the lower ranks you get a lot of bang for your tokens in my opinion.
  6. So you celebrate every American holiday/celebration and national days. But can't pay your respects for the queen of the commonwealths funeral. Gato you're appalling!
  7. Great offer if you require the fortress. This will be my 3rd thus completing all 3 sets for me. Good luck with the opening of the packs those that purchase this.
  8. Best offer I've taken in a while. Needed 1 more plate... It's already Mythed so saves 5 food.... And I dropped this
  9. Since Gato have been creating new portals you only get boxes as rewards the 1st time you complete at each difficulty! Why can't you farm them like when Tactisoft created portals? Chance of lots of golds? Another poor addition to Gatos rubbish attempt to make the game better but actually making it worse!
  10. Platinum Fortresses has already been. If you want to be a top player you need 3 of these!
  11. Its a Meta item and guaranteed unlike a 4k offer! If you need this item I would buy it for the guaranteed Meta item!
  12. Absolutely. Obsolete item... Identical to the Monkey Torso! Save your tokens!
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