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  1. 4,000 Tokens seems a bit much for my liking. Personally I think 3,000 would of been more appropriate. There have been much better deals lately! Conversely its not the worst offer... But then we've had some terrible offers
  2. Shet Portal. 12 refills for 7 paints and not 1 leggy!
  3. Good deal... Extra tokens for the money.... Plus Plat Plate and 2 boxes! Worth it if you're PTW!
  4. That's BS. They can still make more effort now! I have no faith that they will make any significant improvements either based on their consistent poor programming and game management!
  5. Another boring daily challenge.... The same boring challenges on repeat every single day! No new weapons.... No decent portals! The same boring 'meta' builds in the arena that are soooo dull to fight! Is anyone else finding the game really dull, boring and predictable? Put some effort in Gato
  6. I don't have this offer. Not bad really. Worth it if you're PTW and need tokens and food.
  7. Poor and lazy offer! Arena coins again which are useless for the majority of the top players that earn these sort of tokens regularly! @Alexanderdoesn't respond at all. Cheats and hackers everywhere! No decent portals or offers for ages. Lazy gaming... Developers that only care about money and not the games enjoyment! More top players leaving! Poor show!
  8. I wouldn't even trust these fools to program a microwave
  9. That's an interesting and valid question. As some of us are spending our hard earned cash on these deals, which include arena Coins, why should we not be able to use them and lose out? Because we have updated our arena fully and been around longer why should we miss out? The drop rates and items are fairly crap anyway so I don't think it will make much difference apart from to give those of us with thousands of unused coins... Some paid for with cash, the opportunity to spend them. Also new players could choose to use these instead of upgrading if there is a deal on they are interested in and they don't have tokens.
  10. @Alexander thoughts please?
  11. I've noticed pretty much all of the deals come with Arena coins lately. For those of us with full Arena perks already how about an opportunity to buy Premium packs or at worse Premium boxes with them? Thanks
  12. Gave in and bought. Not a single VIP item... 9 all purple and some myth food... Which I actually needed... So all good!
  13. It's effectively 2 for 1... I have the tokens too.... Sadly Gato again have put 3 all purple in extra chance.... As such expect high all purple packs! Not sure I will buy this 1.... But it's a very good deal!
  14. In terms of what you get and the price.... In comparison to buying the composite items this is a good deal.... For me it's a lot of money.... Its also annoying it's cheaper to buy for US players! It's £52 in the UK! Because of that I won't be buying!
  15. I think this is too expensive. Just keep farming and earn the gold, keep fighting to earn the arena coins. If this was 600-700 tokens maybe worth it for lower level players.
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