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  1. I would guess it is because windforge was part of the original design group. Then those others came afterwards as part of the “bigger and badder” design groups
  2. In addition to a ton of non premium legendary. Windforge, dual teleport. Blue monkey, red vest and claw. I know I’ll get booed but was most excited for windforge!!!
  3. I have been saving for this deal and bought it this morning. Totally awesome as always!!!
  4. My experience has been about 1 out of every 20- 25 you buy. Not always premium items I think all the premiums have been torsos for me.
  5. off the top of my head…. Rebalance happened. Discount pack sales are more frequent. Base was adjusted for the better. bunch-o-cheaters banned. Easter gift was amazing. Gold portals pay more. High pay little work quest.
  6. Drop the resistance modes and replace with heat or energy mod. Max your mods and you probably can drop the party crasher once the rest of your items max
  7. Fordekash

    F2P Players

    It can be done. I didn’t spend money in the tacsoft days and hit r5+. It does take lots of play time. Chances are even better now with the awesome sells so save your tokens and grind everyday
  8. I have the same problem. On my older I phone (maybe 7/8) it would just crash the app. I’d just close the frozen app and open it again. On my new I phone 11 it totally freezes the phone and I have to reset the phone… so yeah way more annoying than restarting the app.
  9. Hey man I think your thoughts are solid. Regardless of if people cheat or not I’d recommend just having fun with the game. My take is for as many people who destroy me in the arena there are just as many who I destroy!
  10. I did buy my yellow monkey when they offered it for $20. All the other monkeys and vest came from farming, base and saving tokens. it was all after I was R5.
  11. They should give him clevername’s account to use?
  12. Lol did you make that mistake after reboot as well? I really messed up thinking that everything could be upgraded from common to mythical.
  13. Now that I see the details I can’t say I’m opposed. If two people agree to let one person win then that is their choice. More concerning is a person with multiple accounts but if you have multiple accounts in the top ranks it’s not like you ended up there without being good? it really seems to take more work than just fighting every match so let em have it. Also I don’t feel they are holding me back in rank. I can’t be r1-2 regardless so how high they have boosted in those ranks makes no difference to me. I still lose the fight
  14. man are we going to penalize someone for asking about a bug that hasn’t been fixed?
  15. This might be the best thread going right now!!
  16. We also got the loser box despite blowing the other clan away.
  17. Can’t you just send something to the past to correct this error before it happens?
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