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  1. hi all , I would like to change boss LYLL as soon as possible .why? SM end of life , it looks like a small merry-go-round. so it's time I quit play for now, thank you
  2. supermechs is always dishonest, I can do nothing
  3. mohadib, sarah, silverbox and alex are more betrayal towards supermechs funny thinking doctored vs cheated vs honest gamers...
  4. I don't know where to start, super mechs left full of bullshit and huge delay now i see a game lying that around, here's a little trick for a asshole? alex, sarah or other + hacked group who secretly sell before 2017 more 1000 item with good measure also small kg weapon up to large weapon and now everything is mixed up, 500 item very bad , much ridiculous.... alex, sarah or other + hacked group who secretly sell. sm progress 10 times more played and 10 times tokens, 10 more expensive the impossible advanced my game
  5. oh it's always the same, SM is progressing only 2% so 98% never done yes, as before 2017
  6. many items are not respected put back as before, traditional weapon ,distance 2-4 no energy lack item heat add now heat and energy dmg even measured so i see heat dmg very low. normally, weapons legendary superior that epic? so I see completely mixed up ......etc
  7. still no change,nothing was done pff i think alex much worse than mohadib SM even worse from before
  8. in short, bought in secret, it's not new sm is always dishonest lyll ever, we are royal
  9. asks team the troll or clevername they bought in secret, I believe
  10. portal gold before 2017 true portal , luck to win 65k otherwise 10 k admin sarah decide snatched. and now reward but that's it it doesn't look like real portal
  11. I need a new weapon so he gives me nothing often repeat 2 or 3 times same item grr
  12. this offer really too weird, it mixes generous and scam it's worth nothing buy this offer
  13. I lost 2 times without hp kit I lose quickly
  14. yes, big boy 800 heat 196 reg, 2 bomb, maybe better 3 bomb I think
  15. I just started big boy insane, what a power!
  16. aah! need of I only have 608 tokens pff
  17. this offer for a price of 60 euro, pouf! I am not interested this offer it's not a big sale
  18. yes, I approved clan: Llyl 2 is official and I hope that many players will finally come and start the future team
  19. my advice: don't buy this deal and it shows no progress in under 2 years ,faster and useless
  20. not pretty it makes you want to leave
  21. I'm fed up! sales every week this offer very abused
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