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Cursed SM Images thread

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this might be considered off topic/ish, but i remember when i was in arena and i hit my opponent with a hammer from ALLLL the way across the map. i was all the way to the left, he was all the way to the right. i remember flying across the map and hitting him, and then him using(i think it was a reckless beam??..) at point blank range. plus, both of my legs dissapeared.


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Sometimes, we are equal.

So equal that the game ...


will create some inequality.

What the heck is position 0, anyway?

And, I assume position 4M is unsigned integer overflow. Prove me wrong.

See you tomorrow at rank ...



Hey look! It is unsigned integer overflow. I'm so smart

The "programming" calculator refuse to do unsigned integer. idk why

Ok. See you at rank 0. Or rank 1. or rank -2,147M. or rank 4B.

(Don't be rank 4B lol i am not that useless)

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fixed content (see edit history)

It's a FLASH GAME. At least, it once were.

Get over it

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