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  1. I like the poison damage to self though Thats backfire but innovative
  2. no dude, don't murder us Ice Dagger + Valiant Ice Dagger + Bunker Ice Dagger + EMP (both overloaded and normal) These are really strong combos, Even if y'all wanna buff it don't make it past 60 regen damage
  3. https://flash.puffin.com/http://supermechs.com/ There ya go
  4. You can either download the desktop version or use this link https://flash.puffin.com/http://supermechs.com/ Its kinda slow but thats the best we can do
  5. Claw an enemy who can't fight back Range-bully him and he won't be able to fight back ez win gg
  6. You're a recruiter already Dayum bro
  7. Banned for reviving this topic
  8. My 3rd L-M divine ever hehe Hope I get one too
  9. That's brilliant Hit me up on discord and we'll cooperate from there Thanks a lot for choosing our clan out of the others, Appreciate it mate Discord : Ad1tya#5014
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