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  1. Well, Thats how it works You'll be re-directed to item ascension screen You have to ascend it to the next level before you paint it It isn't any bug Its just how the game is
  2. Malice Beam is appropriately rated. A fair number of people use it
  3. Just ignore him lol and I know who you're talking about Templar Magic
  4. Alright so this should be the order in my opinion All these buffs are the main buffs, they affect arena gameplay 1. HP. Get this to level 10 asap and thats free 300 HP. Really really really helpful. The 11th upgrade costs 2k arena coins so do that upgrade late game 2. Elemental Damage (depends on the type of mechs you have) 3. Energy Damage/Heat Damage is you're a heat/energy main 4. Heat Cooling/Energy Regen/Heat Capacity/Energy Capacity 5. Resistance (all 3) 6. If you have backfire items, backfire reduction 7. Now you can save for 2k coins for 11th HP upgrade Now, there are other buffs which don't impact arena gameplay 1. Fortune Boxes 2. Fuel Regen/Fuel Capacity 3. Crafting cost discount/Craftng duration speed 4. Arena Gold/Campaign Gold 5. Upgrades duration speed 6. Titan damage 7. Titan rewards
  5. Took inspiration from Asther, Just a worse version though, I don't have as good modules as him, Sadly, I don't have any L-M energy res so an ene-free heat build is nothing but a future project
  6. Ad1tya


    Disable Base Request - SuperMechs Community
  7. That's my 4th EFA and well, EFA is sh8t for my acc I have 1 EFA myth already
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