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  1. Well, This is meant for introductions but nvm I have been planning to quit this game for a while now SM has been adversely affecting my academic progress I am an irrational decision maker and I cant control my urge to play SM all day My parents have told me to quit this game too and I respect their decision Well yeah, Thats pretty much it Will miss all of you, specially all the WLGang peeps Had a really fun time with this community
  2. Yeah thats true Finally controlled my urge to buy premium boxes
  3. Not really a flex for many but this is a personal achievement I am an impulsive spender, I never had over 500 tokens in my entire SM career I recently started saving tokens so yeah, Cheers
  4. lets keep it this way, either have a charge or a reverse charge you cant have both its gonna be a gamble if you are battling huggers and you have reverse charge, Bravo! if you are battling scope mechs and you have charge, Bravo!
  5. Well tbh I rarely visist forums Its just too random and weird I personally dont like the official server too Spend most of your time on the game, grow fast, bully all those who roasted you when you were a newbie
  6. Yeah I completely understand, Like I said, You're new to the community Once you start knowing fellow players, you won't call this being toxic
  7. this thread lost its original purpose all of should calm down now
  8. I mean, Your balance suggestion deserved to be ridiculed Its just that you're new to the game and the community Once you start growing and progressing, malice beam/corrupt light etc. wont do shit to you They'll just tickle your mech
  9. no wtf its just too weird for normies like me
  10. As soon as I saw this thread, I knew the whole community is gonna ridicule this dude
  11. The trio is officially complete Pulled the energy one from a fortune box 5 mins ago sadly, I dont run energy, its gonna collect dust in my inventory for a while
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