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  1. yikes that's bioniclefan's drawing from december of 2019 and I made the recreation of a different drawing by him like lol those don't look similar at all
  2. I have some that I use but they are horrible quality so I just blur them would you still want them?
  3. well @DragonsIayer isn't a noob he's spent over 100USD on the account so it does matter to him
  4. I'm not the best but I can at least try and maybe somebody else could improve on my design
  5. I feel like this is a nice easy rank 5 phys no LM build
  6. energy dominates rank 25-15, heat (specifically heat bomb) dominates rank 14-10, and phys dominates rank 9-1, although there's lots of heat and energy mechs in the top ranks, phys is the meta right now
  7. I'm not back... I never left... I just don't post...
  8. oh I thought you were talking about the beat a lvl 1 titan one this one's kinda easy to figure out but I dont think the titan one is possible
  9. psst lvl 220 here (somebody's gonna say 250 next I know it
  10. yeah they can do anything lol you think they would buy the game but not be allowed access to the files and code?
  11. ooh this reminds me of that time that I was the best at photoshop
  12. I'll edit your videos and make thumbnails if you want
  13. yeah sorry idk how to change it
  14. this was a topic on old forum sorry if it's in the wrong place... there's no general suggestions place, just a place to suggest item changes
  15. nobody use my thread nah but really that's a great picture!
  16. my opinion, completely turn the tables 300-300 dmg same other stats
  17. 11*93/6-1.5+31-100+69*2-40+2.5-0.5-210+5-7
  18. looks really nice, but I've always thought dual scrapped energy blaster would be cool on an energy free mech
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